Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd.

At Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) we play a fundamental role in projects that make far-reaching differences to societies throughout the world. With our vision to be a positive and highly influential force in the development and operation of infrastructure worldwide, we help to improve people’s mobility and quality of life and bring benefit from the use of latest technologies.

With the power to change comes responsibility. We are committed to providing consultancy services to the highest social, environmental, ethical and professional standards. We recognise the vital importance of sustainability and provide the motivation and tools for our staff to incorporate solutions through excellence in design and consultancy.

Founded in 1885, PB is one of the oldest continuously operating engineering firms in the world. We are leaders in consulting, design, planning, engineering, programme and construction management, operations and maintenance for all types of infrastructure.

Highways & Infrastructure -
PB plans, manages and designs the key infrastructure that supports today’s changing societies. Our capabilities include strategic and transportation planning, smart transport solutions, development planning and infrastructure, design of highways, bridges, structures and tunnels, asset optimisation and management, project and programme delivery.

Railways & Transit -
Safe, efficient and integrated transport is the lifeblood of any economy. PB is a leader in the provision and optimisation of transportation and infrastructure systems. We pride ourselves on the delivery of all aspects of multi-modal and integrated transport, including heavy rail passenger transit, freight rail, light rail transit, metro, advanced people mover, and high speed rail.

Aviation - PB is helping airports worldwide prepare for the future. We understand that the key to successful airport operation is the development of facilities which keep people, cargo and aeroplanes moving. Our expertise is in privatisation and financing, planning and design, programme delivery, operations and maintenance.

Environment -
Through the integration of engineers and scientists, PB covers a wide range of environmental and safety issues - from environment audits and management of contaminated land, to the provision of boardroom advice on corporate social responsibility, environmental compliance, sustainable development and risk and reputation management.

Power and energy - Change continues to sweep through the power industry worldwide. It is driven by increasing pressures to cut costs, boost investment returns, maximise output, cut greenhouse emissions, ensure sustainability and conserve resources. PB has over a century of expertise in the design and delivery of power generation plants, desalination facilities, transmission and distribution systems. We are also able to provide energy solutions to meet the needs of private and public organisations under pressure to save costs and increase efficiency.

Buildings - PB’s sustainable approach to design ensures our solution is inclusive of the whole-life issues that affect modern buildings. Our total capability enables us to design and engineer facilities in the healthcare, transportation, education, telecommunications, leisure, commercial and public sectors.

Management services - We have experienced specialist teams engaged specifically in the delivery of programme management, facilities management, safety and risk management, quality and inspection services.

Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd. Overview