Patex UK Ltd

Patex specialises in Microwave Transmission

Making wireless transmission from your camera to your monitor simple, effective, professional and cost effective.

Our systems offer transmission distances up to 15 Kilometres

With our analogue 1.4GHz to 24 GHz 

The new 24GHz system offers up to 32 channels 

Leaving room to grow

COFDM Digital Microwave Tansmission

Everything you need for microwave digital transmission at an affordable price

  • Multiple Channels
  • Professional Specification
  • UK LicenceFree
  • CCTV

VAT (Video, Audio & Telemetry) Plug & Play

One unit, ready built for simply plug & play installation

  • 1.4 - 5.8GHz transmission audio/video/telemetry microwave link
  • UK Licence free

Wireless Transmission For:

Council/Police CCTV

Ports & docks

Large open spaces e.g.  car parks, quarries, building sites

Air to ground

Inner City Surveillance

Covert Surveillance

Health and Safety Cameras e.g. Cranes


Unmanned vehicles

Mine Clearing Vehicles

Festival Security

Motorway & rail network links


Patex UK Ltd Overview