Pattern Makers UK


Here at Data2patterns we provide a full pattern making service for companies in the following sectors:

  • Automotive Pattern Making
  • Aerospace Model Making
  • Foundry Patterns
  • Architectural Pattern Makers
  • Construction Model Making
  • Signage Models and Patterns
  • Engineering CNC Pattern Makers
  • Marine Pattern Making
  • Pattern Makers for Specialist Applications

Data2patterns can supply you with more than just a pattern or tool, we supply many of our clients with a total package, which can include such items as Setting jigs and tooling fixtures.  We have the latest in CNC machinery and technology and can therefore offer a fast turn around on pattern making. Our team of highly skilled engineers and pattern makers offer a fast turn around and competitive price on model patterns, along with high standards of accuracy. 


Pattern Model Making Company

We are experienced CNC pattern makers who provide a complete model pattern making solution for varying applications throughout the UK. 

Model Makers UK

We are mould and model makers based in West Sussex, UK, who provide traditional skills and the latest in CNC machinery and software to provide a rapid turn around on patterns. 

Bespoke Pattern Making UK

We provide bespoke and custom pattern making services nationwide. 

Foundry Pattern Makers UK

We have much indepth knowledge in producing foundry patterns. 

Prototype Pattern Making Service

We are happy in providing prototype patterns to exact specification. 

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