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If you are in need of information on Munich's trade fair then we can help you. We are a London based office for Messe München International.

We aim to make sure all potential visitors and exhibitors from the UK and Ireland have all the information they need about the Munich's trade fairs they are interested in.

On our database we hold the technical, logistical and social information on Munich's trade fairs.

China Trade Fairs

China trade fairs take place at the new exhibition centre in Shanghai, jointly owned by German trade fair cities like:

  • Munich
  • Hannover
  • Duesseldorf

As well as a Chinese partner, there are currently eight Munich's trade fairs being hosted in this new centre, getting them quickly known as PRC's most international trade fairs. China is welcoming trade throughout the world after its economic false dawns over the past decade. If you are interested in taking advantage of these China trade fairs in the new market please have a look on our website.

China Trade Fairs

India Trade Fairs

India's sub continent continues having enormous potential in all areas including India trade fairs. The government in India in 2000 paved the way to advance economic growth by lowering trade tariffs. The government offered tax relief, opened the country up to investment and invested in infrastructure projects.

  • India trade fairs
  • bC India 2013
  • drink technology India 2012
  • electronica India 2012
  • productronica India 2012
India Trade Fairs

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