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The basis for the production of wire cloth is a traditional handicraft. This is partnered with up-to-date manufacturing and processing techniques emanating from PACO’s own R&D and mechanical engineering teams to produce leading-edge PACO products. As a result PACO quality cannot simply be copied by others as they don’t have the necessary know-how – ensuring that innovation will maintain the long-term security of the jobs in PACO’s manufacturing heartland.

ACO screen print, sieve and filter technology

As a specialist for metal wire cloth, PACO is your competent partner for sieve technology as well. In addition, PACO offers a deep and wide ranging understanding of specific processes in sieve applications for the most diverse branches in research, laboratory and development.

The filtration of fluids and solids is an important step in a number of different industrial processes. That is why PACO filter products can be found in a number of industrial environments around the world. A particular reason for this is that they provide a single source solution: PACO filter products are developed by PACO’s own R&D – often in close co-operation with the customer – made of PACO wire cloth using PACO production technology according to PACO quality standards and supplied through PACO’s distribution network. By assuming complete responsibility throughout the development and production life cycles of their filter products and systems, PACO makes sure that filtering reliability and fail-safety will always provide their customers with fundamental competitive advantages.

PACO metal wire cloths for screen printing are being considered the best for several applications. The most important reason for that is its holistic quality: optimal material properties in synergy with high precision fabric stitches and an ensured resistance to displacement result in an optimal printing result.

PACO offers a wide range of metal wire cloths – made with different diameters of wire, different materials and different types of weave. There is also a wide variety of processing and joining techniques as well as delivery formats.

In addition to fabrics, PACO metal wire cloths, fabric laminates, edge filters, perforated plates, expanded metal mesh can be used as filter mediums.

PACO manufacturing techniques: Ensured Quality by all available means

In weaving, PACO trusts its own machine engineering with internationally exceptional automatic looms. In production of filter elements and systems, the latest production techniques are taking place.

The latest highlight is the implementation of a cutting-edge manufacturing line for folded filters worth 500.000 Euro.

Any production technique that assures high quality and material protection is being used. This is true for turning of treaded pins, the deformation of seals as well as several welding techniques.

Our products: reciprocating screens for the food industry, sieve frames, ultrasonic cleaning systems for filters, filter inserts, screen filters, gauze filters, metal wire fabrics, filter wire gauze, rounds of wire gauze, screen gauze

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