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Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring Logger

We stock and manufacture a range of remote fuel tank monitoring logger products which monitors a range of tanks, machines or process machines.  If we can fit a switch to it then we have a product that we can use to monitor it.

  • The METRON "Standard"
  • The METRON "D" GSM alarm dialer
  • The METRON "P" for remote meter reading
  • The METRON atex - LPG

For more information on remote fuel tank monitoring logger please visit our website.

Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring Logger

"VMaC" Monitoring Systems

"VMaC-310" is our configurable 24 tank monitoring platform for end users or system integrators.

  • "Off the Shelf" - ready to accept the sensing devices of choice.
  • Central monitoring and logging of tank contents, also monitor Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Effluent & Environmental parameters on one system. Switch pumps & valves.
  • Remote system access via LAN and Internet : Monitor remote installations for stock control, leaks and unauthorised access.
  • Alarms via Text or e-mail (GPRS).
  • Integration with: Radar, Ultrasonic, Magnetostrictive; any device with 4-20mA or MODBUS.
  • Tank Gauge Level Systems
  • Maintenance

Web site VMaC-310 DEMO

"VMaC"  Monitoring Systems

"METRON"- Remote Monitoring Texts To Your Phone

"METRON"- Remote Monitoring Texts To Your Phone

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