PAY Broadbent Ltd

PAY Broadbent is pleased to announce that we are now the UK agent for Tecnimetal International, a leading international manufacturing group based in Italy


Tecnimetal’s products are of high quality yet competitively priced for the global market, including fabric bellows, fabric roller blinds and other related products. This range complements PAY Broadbent’s repair and maintenance service perfectly

  1. Bellows Manufacturers

    Bellows Manufacturers
    PAY Broadbent provide engineering services to firms based in the UK with previous clients including BAE Systems and Nissan. Amongst our services are fabrication of machine bellows and bellows covers, along with maintenance and repairs in case of any problems with your machine tools. Bellows can be fitted into piping and other applications to allow for expansion.

    They withstand stresses and extremes of heat, and will return to their original place following compression. That means they can form a crucial part of valves, seals and vacuum applications. Just let us know the design specifications you need to be meet with your bellows and we will manufacture a set to meet them.

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  2. Building Expansion Joint

    Building Expansion Joint
    Building expansion joints make sure any heat expansion and movement within your structure due to winds doesn't cause major damage. They relieve any stress on the other materials used in the building and accommodate expansion and compression to keep everything in place and free from wear and tear and the need for constant repairs.

    At PAY Broadbent we can supply you with expansion joints for use in building and structural applications. We operate from a base in Halifax in Yorkshire and can help you wherever you're located in the UK. We'll fabricate the expansion joint to your specs or can offer equipment from leading manufacturers Tecnimetal International as their UK agents.

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  3. Chip Conveyor Chain

    Chip Conveyor Chain
    Chip conveyors take away all swarf and cutting debris from your work station or machine tools, making sure there are no blockages or build-ups of chippings. They're an integral part of a machine tool setup to keep your work area safe and tidy. At PAY Broadbent we offer chains for chip conveyors and swarf removers as one of our specialties.

    That means we can manufacture bespoke chains to your design specs, or carry out routine maintenance and emergency repairs to your existing conveyor chains. That way any downtime that could hold up your production processes is avoided and kept to a minimum. We can get out to you anywhere in the UK from our base in Halifax.

    For more on our Chip Conveyors just get in touch with us.
  4. Cleated Conveyor Belt

    Cleated Conveyor Belt
    Cleated conveyor belts are ideal for the removal of swarf and waste created during the manufacturing process. The cleats are typically moulded onto the belt to pick up all swarf and chippings and deliver them away from the working area, keeping everything clean, tidy and free from cutting debris.

    At PAY Broadbent we offer conveyor belt fabrication, maintenance of your existing setup, or repairs if you've got problems affecting the performance of your gear. Ideally we'll be able to stop getting to that stage with regular checks on your cleated belts. We're based in Halifax and can help you wherever you are in the UK.

    So contact us for more information on our Cleated Conveyor Belts.
  5. CNC Machine Guard Repairs

    CNC Machine Guard Repairs
    Keeping your machine guards well-maintained should be a basic part of your safety procedure. Any problems could lead to damage to your machine tools and injuries to your staff. At PAY Broadbent we specialise in providing firms with maintenance and repairs on slideway guards in use on machine tools including CNC equipment.

    Our repairs service can be carried out at your site, and we offer a rapid response option if the problems to the guard threatens to cause major problems and production downtime. We're based in Halifax though can repair guards for you anywhere in the UK, with the option of having a new one fitted.

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  6. Concrete Expansion Joint

    Concrete Expansion Joint
    Expansion joints inserted into concrete blocks prevent the emergence of cracking that can develop following hot or cold weather leading to expansion and contraction. The expansion joint gives the concrete the opportunity to expand and contract without any further problems emerging. And that means there's no need for repairs and replacement concrete to be carried out.

    Here at PAY Broadbent we offer fabrication of expansion joints, and maintenance of joints already in place. We're based in Halifax in Yorkshire and have worked with major clients including the likes of Nissan and BAE Systems. We're available to work anywhere in the UK and can be contacted through our website, via email or phone.

    Get in touch for more details of our Concrete Expansion Joints.
  7. Concrete Expansion Joint Sealer

    Concrete Expansion Joint Sealer
    Joint sealer covers up any gaps and joints within concrete slabs and allows the structure itself to expand when it becomes warm. At PAY Broadbent we can provide you with expansion joint sealer for use in concrete structures. We're based in Halifax in Yorkshire and offer our services anywhere in the UK.

    You can get in touch with us through the contact form on our website, or via phone or email and we'll talk you through the expansion joint options we offer and can provide for you. Our previous clients have included Nissan and BAE Systems.

    Contact us for more details of our Concrete Expansion Joint Sealer.
  8. Conveyor Chain

    Conveyor Chain
    Chains are the crucial part of any conveyor belt application - and they must be well-maintained to prevent wear and damage. Any problems and you'll soon find yourself with an out-of-action swarf or chip conveyor. So it's best to make sure they're always in good nick to avoid downtime and the risk of having to shell out for a new chain.

    At PAY Broadbent we provide maintenance, refurbishment and repairs to machine tool firms. We've worked with the likes of Nissan and BAE Systems previously, and can work on-site for you anywhere in the UK. And if you do need new conveyor chains we offer a fabrication service and are the UK agents of the leading manufacturers Tecnimetal International with plenty of options in stock.

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  9. Copper Pipe expansion joint

    Copper Pipe expansion joint
    Copper pipes have to put with a lot of changes in temperature during their working life. That means the length of pipe will expand and contract. And over time that can lead to wear and tear and damage to the structural integrity of the pipe. That makes having an expansion joint in place important to extend the working life of the pipe and avoid costly repairs.

    At PAY Broadbent we offer copper pipe expansion joint, fabricated to your particular specs. The joint will be able to expand and contract and respond to temperature changes, and will return to its original form. We're based in Halifax and can supply to anywhere in the UK.

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  10. Drag Chain Conveyors

    Drag Chain Conveyors
    Drag chain conveyors are ideally suited for transporting bulk items around a manufacturing facility. And that means they are put under lots of stress and strain. Over time they can become worn and damaged, and if you don't keep them properly maintained may malfunction and be put out of action for a while.

    At PAY Broadbent we're all about ensuring that your drag chain conveyors don't break down and cause you problems with delays to production. We offer repairs if your chains are broken, maintenance to make sure any damage is spotted early and problems are avoided, and fabrication and supply of new chains if needed.

    Just get in touch with us for more on our Drag Chain Conveyors.