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PAY Broadbent is pleased to announce that we are now the UK agent for Tecnimetal International, a leading international manufacturing group based in Italy


Tecnimetal’s products are of high quality yet competitively priced for the global market, including fabric bellows, fabric roller blinds and other related products. This range complements PAY Broadbent’s repair and maintenance service perfectly

Slideway Guard Repairs

Don’t let your machinery lie idle!

It is easy to underestimate the potential amount that downtime can cost an engineering or manufacturing company. Every hour lost in production time costs money and the repercussions of delayed or even cancelled orders can be even more severe. We specialise in telescopic slideway guard repair to help keep your business running.

Your choice of the right company to solve the problem is therefore vital. You need an experienced engineering company that is not only capable but also willing to go that extra mile to get you up and running as quickly as possible. This is where PAY Broadbent excels.

·         Fastest response times particularly for emergencies and breakdowns

·         Fully trained, experienced engineering technicians at your service

·         Fitting and repairs for all leading brands of telescopic slideway guards

On-site fitting and repair is available in all mainland UK locations if required

Slideway Guard Repairs

Swarf Conveyor Repairs


In addition to telescopic slideway guard repair, we offer a complete 7 point repair plan on Swarf Conveyors.

·         Repair or replace damaged swarf carrying belts

·         Repair or replace damaged or worn chain

·         Repair damaged or worn sprockets

·         Replace driveshafts

·         Repair leaking, worn or damaged conveyor body

·         Replace worn runner bars

·         Re-paint if required

We provide an excellent reactive repair service to a wide range of industrial clients in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield and West Yorkshire, in addition to the rest of England, Wales and Scotland.

Call us now on 01422 384386  and we will take care of your emergency repairs.

Swarf Conveyor Repairs

Telescopic Slideway Guard Maintenance & Refurbishment

It is a fact of business life that every machine needs downtime to allow for maintenance. If your machine is down, why not have your guards refurbished at the same time? 


Don’t wait for the guards to break down and risk more lost time! It makes sound commercial sense to have them refurbished at the same time.

Telescopic Slideway Guard Maintenance & Refurbishment

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