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We provide systems made to withstand the harshest working conditions. Geared for both onshore and offshore operations, all of our systems are in compliance with the highest international oilfield standards.

Our oil and gas systems include products dedicated to:

  • Exploration
  • Cold production
  • Thermal recovery
  • Surface transfer
  • Processing

Artificial Lift Pumps

We manufacture artificial lift pumps, as well as oil and gas pressure pump. Our pumps offer a number of advantages including low capital costs for purchase, allow for drastic energy savings, and enable a lower environmental profile.

Our complete pump systems include:

  • Adapted variable frequency drives, indoor/outdoor configuration
  • Safe and robust drive heads
  • Wellhead including BOP and gauges
  • Rod string and non-rotating centralizers
  • Pump assembly, torque anchor and stop bushings
  • Down-hole gauges complete systems
Artificial Lift Pumps

Surface Transfer Pumps

 We supply surface transfer and fluid transfer pumps.

Features of our surface transfer pumps include:

  • Revolutionary technology (NPCPtm) for multiphase handling, up to 80% GVF
  • Modular pump construction
  • Engineered to all specifications
  • Extra low NPSH
Surface Transfer Pumps

Oil and Gas System Service

Our oil and gas system service plans include:

  • Installation and Commissioning - field service for pump installation, commissioning, reporting and pump performance follow-up.
  • Well Testing Campaigns - dedicated field service teams for mob/demobilisation of PCP equipment during well testing campaign.
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance - optimisation of pump life cycles based on analysis of production data, surface equipment monitoring and fatigue records with adapted service tools
  • Field Optimisation - complete study on existing artificial lift systems in one field, equipment check-up and efficiency, proposal for a artificial lift revamping campaign with adapted preventive spare parts inventory
  • Elastomer Compatibility Test - in-house fluid/elastomer compatibility testings, covering hardness and swelling tests
  • Training - in-depth client-oriented training program, covering theoretical and practical issues on PCP management, from design to failure analysis
Oil and Gas System Service

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