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Here at PcVue Solutions, we are the leading European supplier of SCADA software. We have dedicated three decades to providing solutions for monitoring and control. We are constantly investing in new technologies and integrate them into our products to provide SCADA software solutions to enable our clients to reduce their production costs, manage their energy usage and make their facilities more productive.


Our PcVue system is a fully-featured product to represent the latest advances in SCADA software for multi-station supervision and control. Our PcVue applications have sources including AutoCAD, CoDeSys and ISaGRAF. Our new PcVue systems have been designed using recommendations from integrators, OEMs and end-users, and based on ARC Informatique’ s considerable experience in the industrial automation sector.


We have developed the FrontVue as a client graphical user interface suitable for Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. Our FrontVue product provides everything you need to design and display professional animated graphics of your process. Our FrontVue applications have been developed as a set of linked, interactive windows to provide menus, process mimics, and status pages. FrontVue can be used as an off-the-shelf product or as a thin client to a PcVue application.


We have developed the PlantVue application to provide simple, flexible and powerful HMI/SCADA. If you have a machine to control or a process to monitor, and you are concerned about the total cost of ownership, consider our PlantVue option. PlantVue suits the needs of OEMs and machine builders as well as those for independent supervision of buildings or for production units coordinated by a MES.


Our WebVue system uses an ordinary web browser and an internet or intranet connection to supply remote display and control of your processes. WebVue is used as an independent operating system and runs in a web browser and displays PcVue mimics directly without requiring any modification to them. WebVue is suitable for use with the main web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Dream Report

We have designed the Dream Report to collect and exploit all data that is accessible from any data source to generate first-class reports dynamically. Dream Report enables you to access and interact with information coming from industrial systems such as supervisors (SCADA), DCS, MES, real-time drivers, OPC servers and all other data sources.

Our Dream Report web portal enables you to visualise, generate and publish reports to the Internet and intranet. It allows you to share the documents and reports across departments of the enterprise, with customers and with suppliers.

Brad Communication

We provide the Brad communication product range from Molex including the Applicom, DirectLink and SST brands. The Brad communication collection has been designed and built industrial tough to ensure flexibility, interoperability and rock-solid performance of your industrial network applications.

We understand industrial communication and introduced the Applicom range into the UK over 10 years ago and have been distributing and supporting it, and its siblings DirectLink and SST, ever since.

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