PDM Group (Prosper De Mulder Ltd)

The PDM Group has extensive operations in food processing and distribution, petfood ingredient manufacture, by-product processing and renewable energy.

Food Recycling

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce our environmental impact through reducing our carbon footprint and by creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

Organisations in the foodchain are able to reduce their carbon footprints by diverting unsold or unusable 'waste products' from landfill to create renewable energy.

PDM Group provides a unique 'one-stop shop' collection and recycling service for all waste food products (including products in packaging and tins) with complete coverage across the UK.

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Pet Food Ingredients

We are one of the largest suppliers of protein ingredients to the European pet food sector.

Using category 3 ABP, which is material from healthy animals that would be fit for human consumption, but is not consumed for reasons of culture and customer choice, PDM produces chilled, frozen and dried ingredients from the meat and poultry sectors.

The PDM Group processes meat, poultry and fish products to produce a range of chilled and frozen pet food ingredients.

PDM Group's depth of knowledge in its specialist areas of expertise is acknowledged world-wide. It has led to the formation of a number of joint-venture enterprises with major foreign companies at the forefront of developing new technologies in food and by-product processing.

Pet Food Ingredients

Food Services

At the very heart of the country's largest animal oils and fats production facility you will find Nortech. With continuous 24/7 refining, production and packing processes, the company delivers completely flexible and completely separate animal and vegetable based product ranges.

At each and every stage of production the highest standards of quality, consistency and efficiency are applied. With in-house laboratory batch testing and extensive, modern cold-storage resources, the capability is as diverse as the growing product range.

With rapid response despatch, delivery and order processing, Nortech offers a complete 'requirement-to-fulfillment' service in every key sector. It is the technology behind traditional tastes.

Renewable Energy

The UK is committed to deriving more energy from sustainable or renewable sources in order to limit climate change. In addition the UK also has a legal obligation under the EU Landfill Directive to reduce the amount of bio-degradeable material being sent to landfill.

PDM Group's renewable energy operations help in achieving both of these vitally important environmental goals.

PDM Group's biomass-to-energy plants use unused or unusable food as bio-fuels in place of traditional fossil fuels such as coal. Biomass is the term applied to fuels derived from organic matter.

Electricity generated by PDM Group's combustion plants qualifies for 'Renewable Obligation Certificates' (ROCs) under the Government's Renewable Energy legislation.

Renewable Energy

Bio Fuels

As well as generating renewable energy from organic materials, PDM Group also produces a range of bio-fuels. These liquid and solid bio-fuels are supplied to industrial markets to replace fossil fuels such as oil and coal for steam and power generation. The liquid bio-fuels can also be used as feedstocks for bio-diesel production.

Bio-fuels produced by PDM Group are made from 100% renewable materials and qualify as 'biomass' under the Government's renewable energy legislation (the Renewables Obligation Order 2002), introduced to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to limit climate change in line with the UK's commitments under the Kyoto protocol.

Bio Fuels

By-Product Processing

PDM processes over one million tonnes of animal by-products each year, serving abattoirs, butchers' shops, food manufacturers and supermarkets.

With five rendering plants located across the country, PDM is able to provide local processing for each different category (1, 2 and 3) of ABP and process them into a range of different products, be it as diverse as energy or pet food ingredients.

PDM's nationwide collection service means it covers every high street in the UK and already visits over 10,000 individual customer sites each week.

By-Product Processing

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