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PDS Instruments - Suppliers of Power Supplies & Test Instrumentation to UK industry.

As well as sales of new power supplies and test instrumentation PDS Instruments also offer technical and applications support, rentals, leasing and trade-ins.

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PDS Instruments
represent the following companies in the UK. For more information on any of these companies and their products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have many solutions because we understand that each problem is unique. We are experienced and offer a service based on knowledge, application and value. We also know that you want a friendly service that you can rely on.

PDS Instruments - Suppliers of AC & DC Power Supplies & Test Instrumentation to UK industry.
PDS Instruments represent the following companies. For more information on any of these companies and their products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Argantix - DC Power Supplies (5kW+) 
Argantix DC Power Rackmount programmable DC power supply products from California Instruments for industrial, military and commercial test and measurement, DC power applications.

BNC (Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.) - Digital Delay/Pulse Generators
BNC has a rich history of providing precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. Their products include pulse generators and digital delay generators.

BNC's benchtop pulse generators feature fast rise times and low jitter. Their most popular digital delay/pulse generator is packed with many useful features, such as selectable time references and adjustable amplitude for each channel. With up to eight channels of delay and width control, the Model 575 is proving to be an extremely versatile instrument across many sciences.

California Instruments - AC & DC Power Sources & AC Loads
California Instruments offer a huge range of AC, DC and AC + DC power sources for a variety of applications. Single and three phase units are available with power ranging from 250VA to 270kVA. The California Instruments ranges cater for a wide range of applications and a number of specialist test options are available for aerospace tests. Tests including ABD100, AMD24, A350, B787, MIL STD 704 and DO160 are available. California Instruments has been involved in the design and manufacture of precision instrumentation products for more than forty years. All products are built and tested in their modern facility located in San Diego, California. Strict quality control procedures are in place to ensure that all of their products meet or exceed their published specifications. California Instruments’ mission is to continue to be the world’s leading supplier of controllable precision AC Power Sources for Test and Measurement applications. California Instruments are ISO9000:2001 certified.

ETPS - DC Power Supplies (up to 5kW) & DC Loads
ETPS offer an excellent range of DC power suppliers and DC electronics loads. With ETPS we are able to offer a great range of standard products but we are also happy to consider custom applications.

Huntron Instruments - VI probers, ASA fault finding tools
Huntron Instruments introduced the first Huntron Tracker in 1976. Utilising a method referred to as Analogue Signature Analysis, the Huntron Tracker applies a current-limited AC sinewave across two points of an electronic component or circuit. The resulting current/voltage waveform is shown on a signature display using vertical deflection for current and horizontal deflection for voltage. This unique Tracker signature represents the overall health of the part being analysed. By comparing the signatures of known good circuit boards to those of suspect boards, faulty nets and components can be quickly identified.

Krohn-Hite - Filters (active and passive) and DC/AC source/calibrators
Krohn-Hite are a long established company that offer a wide range of filter and voltage/current calibration products.

LeCroy - Oscilloscopes
LeCroy are a market leader in the highly competitive oscilloscope market offering innovative features in well presented packages that offer excellent value for money.

The LeCroy WaveAce range is a new entry level offering providing a range of 2 channel oscilloscopes from 60MHz to 300MHz. Many features from higher end LeCroy oscilloscopes have been packed in to the budget friendly units including a colour display and a range of onboard measurements

The LeCroy WaveJet range are powerful yet compact scopes, making them easily portable, with models ranging in bandwidth from 100MHz to 500MHz. Models are available with 2 or 4 channels and all incorporate a great 7.5" colour display. All units come equipped with 500k/ch memory and a USB interface. GPIB and LAN are also optionally available.

The LeCroy WaveSurfer Xs range and the new MXs range offer extra features and functionality over the WaveJet range for applications that need that little bit more. Models are available with bandwidths from 200MHz to 1GHz and sample rates up to 5GS/s. As with the WaveJet, models are available with 2 or 4 channels and the channel memory is a massive 2.5Mpts/ch as standard on the Xs range and 10Mpts/ch on the MXs series. The WaveSurfer range have a large (10.4") colour touchscreen. The units are all Windows based and incorporate a number of powerful analysis features.

NEC - Data acquisition systems / digital chart recorders
The Omniace III series from NEC (RA2300 and RA2800) data acquisition systems allow for long term recording of measured data which can either be stored internally, printed on the fly like a traditional chart recorder or transmitted to a remote PC.

Tabor - Waveform Generators
Leading the way in waveform generators Tabor offer a wide selection of function and arbitrary waveform generators. Feature packed and versatile the WonderWave series offer excellent performance and have many excellent software packages to aid generation of specific waveforms. The Tabor WonderWave series can also generate waveforms from captured data in a wide range of formats including those that can be generated by many modern digital oscilloscopes (LeCroy formats are supported directly). All Tabor products are supplied with a 3 or 5 year warranty (model dependant).

TDK-Lambda - Programmable DC power supplies
The Genesys range from TDK-Lambda are available in 750W 1U halfrack, 750W 1U 19", 1500W, 1U 19", 2400W 1U 19" and 3300W 1U 19" form factors.

Rotek - Power Calibrators

Rotek make high precision laboratory calibrators. Ideal for calibration labs and facilities where the testing of domestic and industrial power meters.

Voltech - Power Analysers & Wound Component Testers
Trustworthy power analysers. Powerful yet easy to use, all Voltech power analysers benefit from their unrivalled 20 years of experience in the field. Using their unique measurement algorithms and elegant analogue design, all Voltech power analysers provide accurate, reliable measurements at the touch of a button. The NEW PM6000 is the new force to be reckoned with in power analysis and is believed to be the only power analyser capable of testing to the new EMC IEC Harmonics and Flicker standards that are due to be introduced (Harmonics to IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-4-7 and Flicker to IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-4-15).
Their range of wound component testers are second to none and are widely recognised as the best option for analysing and production testing inductors, transformers and other wound components.

Wayne Kerr Electronics - LCR Meters & Material Analysers
Wayne Kerr have a long history of producing high accuracy component analysers. Wayne Kerr produce a wide range of excellent LCR meters for many applications. More recently they have introduced the 6500B series of impedance/materials analysers for high frequency component and materials analysis. Models are available with frequency ranges up to 120MHz.

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