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PE Systems Ltd in Lancashire is a global supplier of secure power solutions. Our comprehensive and leading solutions and services help to protect businesses from the detrimental effects of power interruptions and poorly maintained electrical systems.

PE Systems Ltd in Lancashire are an established market leader, providing customer specific power protection solutions to major organisations in the UK and globally.

Our range of products including:

  • Battery Chargers
  • DC Standby Solutions
  • Marshalling Kiosks
  • Emergency Lighting Systems


We are leading manufacturers of DC equipment and we have accounts with all of the major battery manufacturers. This allows us to secure a competitive price structure for all of the various battery types.

We offer a full installation service for batteries, comprising of either all or some of the following:

  • Assembly of a temporary battery to support the essential load
  • The dismantling of the existing battery
  • Commissioning or discharge testing of the new battery
  • Removal and safe disposal from site of the existing batteries in accordance with the latest BS/EN/IEC standards

Battery Chargers

We specifically design battery chargers on an application by application basis. The range of battery charger systems is versatile and extensive, to meet our customers' requirements.

For more information on our battery chargers, visit our website.

Battery Chargers

Battery Refurbishing and Maintenance

We are able to provide a battery refurbishing and maintenance service with many years of experience and being fully conversant with many manufacturers products including obsolete packs, we can diagnose faults with cells and advise of general battery and connector condition, we can offer alternative  solutions to ensure down time is kept to a minimum. Our engineers comply with all HSE directives and best practise of disposal of hazardous products. Please contact us with your enquiry Tel: 01942 260330 or e-mail:

Battery Refurbishing and Maintenance

DC Systems

We specialise in DC systems. Our DC standby capabilities extend from a 30 Volt Primary Battery Inter-Tripping unit into complex Constant Current or Constant Voltage Battery Chargers capable of re-charging either Vented or Sealed - Lead Acid or Nickel Cadmium Batteries.

These systems can vary from: a single charger, a single battery or a single distribution board into complex systems with: different charger, battery or distribution combinations such as dual chargers, dual batteries and dual distribution boards.

All systems can be tailored to include specific customer requirements such as: alarm monitoring, digital metering and temperature compensation.

DC Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems

We specialise in emergency lighting systems. We are manufacturers and suppliers of, non-maintained and maintained systems in a range of voltages from 24V to 240V DC.

For more information on emergency lighting systems, please visit our website.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Marshalling Kiosks and Supplies Pillars

We have developed a range of fuse boxes, marshalling kiosks and supplies pillars, constructed from a variety of materials such as brushed finished stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel.

For more information on marshalling kiosks and supplies pillars.

Marshalling Kiosks and Supplies Pillars
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