Pedron Coffee

Outstanding Italian roasted coffee is at the heart of Caffe Pedron. Using superior quality beans, sourced from around the world, we produce our coffee using a traditional Italian slow roasting process which results in a smooth rich flavour. In addition to our unique Caffe Pedron coffee blends, single origin gourmet coffees are available to order.

Founded in 2004 by Massimo Pedron, Caffe Pedron Italian coffees are available in the UK from Ryebay Coffee, a father and son team based in East Sussex with 15 years' experience within the coffee industry.

Pedron Coffees

Pedron's unique Italian coffees can be enjoyed by your customers no matter which coffee machine your business has as they are available packed either in kilo bags, vacuum sealed tins or capsules/pods for machines. 

Our deliciously smooth ‘everyday’ Italian roasted blended coffees include:

  • Classic
  • Extra
  • Virtuoso
  • Grand Cru

We also have single origin, freshly roasted, gourmet coffees featuring beans from Hawaii, Ethiopia, Cuba and even Mount Everest available to order. 

Pedron Coffees

Coffee Machines

Caffe Pedron carries a small range of coffee machines, please visit our website to see the full range.

Coffee Machines

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