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With a wealth of experience and expertise in the energy industry, our exceptional team of energy procurement professionals are excellent at sourcing the best electricity and gas suppliers for our diverse customer base.

With have a rich knowledge base of the entire market enabling us to analyse current trends. We are able to gain outstanding energy procurement resources so to find out how we can help your business contact our team today. 

Renewable Energy Essex

The essence of our business is renewable energy in Essex. We aim to help businesses in this area and across the UK become more environmentally responsible.

Our renewable energy for Essex services help you to look after your green credentials. Our professional, chartered engineers and low carbon consultants offer a range of technologies and provide suitable and sustainable solutions for efficient energy use.  

Energy Management

Our energy management credentials include monitoring, controlling and conserving energy sources and our experience and knowledge in this area make us someone you can trust. Whether you are a small business or large corporation, our energy management services can have many beneficial effects on your organisation.

Energy management will help maintain long term sustainability targets as well as improve the image of your business as a company who take on social and environmental responsibilities.

Our energy management will provide you with cost-effective solutions to improve your performance. All our solutions are tailored to your individual business requirements and in order to create the correct solutions for you we implement the latest policies, procedure and approaches.   

Mechanical Electrical Design

We provide a broad range of design consultancy from lighting and ventilation to heating and energy resources. We also provide all the support and mechanical electrical design information to help enhance the efficiency of your projects.

Our extensive experience means we can offer mechanical electrical design consultancy across a broad range of sectors and even if you use your own professionals, like electricians, we can help by providing a comparison opinion.

Sustainability Consultant

We provide sustainability consultant services and work with businesses in order to ensure you receive all the necessary accreditation and certification, as well as full reports to help you prepare for future legislations and developments.

Our sustainability consultant service equips your business with many beneficial advantages using forward thinking and innovative approaches.

Utilities Connections

We know every building project is different so we offer a bespoke and tailored approach to utilities connections, and give your business the best results every time.

Our unique approach to utilities connections are dealt with teams who provide you with a project coordinator. They take responsibility of all work at every stage of the process. We work with a diversity of distribution companies and independent network operators to secure only the best deals.

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