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What do we do better than others? Award Winning - Adviser Firm of the Year, Top Rated Firm in Cardiff (according to VouchedFor).

The Hat-trick - We are Chartered, Certified AND Accredited.

Supported And Informed - Our clients enjoy the comfort of monthly, tailored communication. They feel assured and engaged in a truly enriching relationship.

Extraordinary Expertise - Our Adviser’s Chartered and Certified qualifications rank amongst the highest in the profession.

Penguin’s processes have been Independently accredited against International Benchmarks demonstrating that our clients are at the heart of our business.

Free Pension Reviews

How is your current pension performing? Do you know?

  • Will your current pension allow you to retire when YOU want to retire?
  • Will it allow you to maintain or improve your lifestyle upon retirement?
  • Would you like to Increase YOUR Pension?


If the answer is no to any of these questions then you may not be able to live the life you want to live when you retire.

Retirement may seem like a long way away, but that is not an excuse to not prepare properly. Pensions should be reviewed regularly to make sure your pension strategy is giving you maximum returns.

Why would you want maximum returns?

Simple, because it is your money. It is not the pension company’s money; it is not your adviser’s money. It is your money and the more you increase it – the more you will benefit.


Before we can increase your Pension we will need to know how your pension is performing. This will allow us to identify problem areas within your current scheme that can be improved - so that we can make your fund BIGGER.

The good news is that we will review your Pension for FREE - there is no catch.


All you have to do is click here: Free Pension Review

Free Pension Reviews

Get Your Free Retirement Options Report

Despite the shocking rates, roughly 40,000 people a month are still buying annuities.

WHY? Because they are unaware of the other options available to them.

For example, are you aware of what the following Retirement Options actually are?

  • Fixed Term Annuity
  • Phased Drawdown
  • Capped Drawdown
  • Flexible Drawdown
  • Third-Way Options

If there was an award for the outstanding contribution to the confusion of the British Public then the Pension Industry would surely have won it - especially when it comes to looking at the options to convert your pension into an income in retirement.

This is why at Increase Your Pension we are so passionate about helping people to understand more about their options, so that they can make an informed choice that will provide them with the best income for their retirement.


So passionate in fact, that we will provide you with a Personalised Retirement Options Report absolutely FREE - there is no catch. Click on the image to the right to have a sneak peek at what it coudl look like.

If you are approaching retirement and would like to know the options available to you then all you have to do is click here: Retirement Options Report

Get Your Free Retirement Options Report

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