Pennine Lubricants Ltd


Pennine is one of the UK's leading independent dedicated lubricant manufacturers.

  • Well equipped modern blending plant
  • Full range of consistently high quality lubricants
  • Virgin solvent refined base oils, for all markets.

High level quality control maintained providing technical support for all customers including:

  • Sample analysis,
  • Condition monitoring,
  • Product formulation, continuous research and development of grades.

Engineering support part of highly personalised customer service:

  • Product rationalisation,
  • Lubrication surveys
  • Product recommendations

Highly effective sales communication system. Distribution service, 2nd 2none, providing next day delivery service to our highly valued customers.

  • Commercial automotive, agriculture & plant
  • Metalworking lubricants
  • Aerosols
  • Food safe lubricants
  • Hygiene products
  • Heritage vehicle range
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Greases
  • Biodegradable lubricants
  • Food industry cleaning & sanitising products
  • Retail range
  • Equipment
  • Spill Safe Oil Dispensing System - reducing contamination

Automotive Lubricants

The Pennine range of automotive lubricants caters for a wide range of applications including crankcase oils, gear and transmission oils, hydraulic oils and ancillary products such as antifreeze, brake fluids, ad blue and greases. All products are formulated to meet or exceed stringent international performance specifications including; ACEA, API, SAE etc and meet the recommendations of many original equipment manufactures including Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Cummins, Ford, VW and General Motors.

Automotive Lubricants

Metalworking Oils and Fluids

The Pennine Metalworking Fluids portfolio consists of a range of products that are constantly evolving to satisfy the ever increasing demands placed on the manufacturing industry with regards to in use performance, product life and operator safety. This is complemented by an after sales support service which is second to none ensuring that products perform to their optimum efficiency ensuring our clients maximum productivity. By discussing clients specific requirements and processes in detail allows us to offer or formulate a product to optimise efficiency.   A range of in service monitoring programmes are offered including tests for dilution, pH, tramp oil contamination and more recently dip-slide culture testing in accordance with HSE recommendations. Through working hand in hand with our clients we offer the potential to increase tool life, improve surface finish, reduce costs and maximise coolant sump life.
Metalworking Oils and Fluids

Biodegradable Lubricants

Designed for use in applications where contamination of the surrounding environment could mean ecological problems, Pennine have developed a range of biodegradable lubricants manufactured from premium quality, vegetable derived bases oils combined with state of the art additive technology.

The products within the range are greater than 90 % biodegradable within 28 days ensuring they meet ASTM D 5864 Pw1 standard.

Product Range:

Biodegradable Lubricants

Agricultural Lubricants

The Pennine agricultural range combines traditional multifunctional farm lubricants together with the increasingly popular trend for dedicated heavy-duty crankcase and transmission fluids.

A full range of hydraulic oils is available complemented with chainsaw oils, milking machine oils and a range of greases for the agricultural sector.

Agricultural Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

The Pennine industrial range boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products used throughout industry. The grades meet the requirements of original equipment manufacturers & international standards where applicable whilst many grades are formulated to meet individual application requirements and are formulated to carter for specific customer needs.

Hydraulic Oils

Compressor Oils

Machine Tool Lubricants

Gear Oils

Industrial Lubricants

Food Safe Lubricants

An extensive range of premium quality food safe lubricants manufactured for use in applications where incidental contact with food may occur. Typical plants include: bakeries, dairies, breweries, bottling plants, canneries, animal feed plants, food packaging plants and a wide range of other food related industries.

Food Safe Lubricants

Hygiene Products

Developed to compliment our ever-increasing range of lubrication products, the Pennine Hygiene range has been designed to cater for a wide cross section of protection, cleaning and degreasing techniques used throughout industry:

Greases & Paste

Suitable for an expansive cross section of applications the Pennine grease range includes products designed for use in general purpose applications and the most severe, temperature sensitive, arduous working conditions providing solutions to the most troublesome of lubrication issues.

Pennine Penstral greases and pastes are a range of premium quality, ultimate performance products. They have been developed to cater for the most demanding applications including complete sea water saturation, high speed bearings and extremes of temperature ranging from ­ -50C to in excess of 600C.

By careful selection of the correct product clients can expect to benefit from; increased re-lubrication intervals, reduced consumption, increased component life leading to reduced downtime.

Aerosol Lubricants

To compliment this range of quality products we also stock a comprehensive range of maintenance lubricants in convenient use aerosol form.

Full range of Lubrication Equipment also available

Lubrication Equipment

A full range of lubrication equipment is available from us for use with our quality products. From simple oil measures and transfer pumps to complex mixing, distribution and storage stations.

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