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Perancea PCB level metal screening enclosures come in a range of stock sizes and in four styles. PFL frame   versions feature a removable lid for mounting directly on PCBs. FFL frame    versions are for enclosing the PCB, providing lidded access from both sides. CFL screening enclosures completely enclose the PCB with a removable lid and PCMC, a five sided can is for mounting directly on the PCB. Fully customised sizes and shapes are also readily available and notably, there are no tooling costs!

Shielding - RFI / EMI

Perancea with its extensive experience in manufacturing dedicated screening applications, provides a host of standard and custom solutions   for your shielding requirements including labyrinths for discrete RoHS compliant shielding  at PCB level.

EMC Screening

Perancea can readily provide EMC screening at enclosure and board level from its comprehensive range of housings that also include conductive coated  plastic cases.

19in Cases, Enclosures & Rack Mounting - custom

Perancea develops and manufactures highly cost-effective, custom 19in products specifically to meet customer’s individual requirements. The company’s full custom design service is committed to satisfying your specific application requirements. Options include rack mounting, desktop and wall enclosures; aluminium or steel construction; a wide range of finishes and colours; screen printing; RFI/EMI shielding; unlimited depth; easy assembly; modular construction for easy accessibility; fully customised front and rear panels 

DIN Cases - panel mounting

Perancea’s aesthetic, high quality DIN panel mounting instrument cases   from Apranorm, are designed and manufactured to DIN 43700/IEC 61554. This innovative, modular format provides a wealth of cost effective, high reliability solutions to instrument housings for panel mounting applications. The range is available in 21 panel sizes and in seven depth options.

IP Rated Enclosures, Boxes & Cabinets

If your product designs need protection against dust and/or water ingress then Perancea's IP rated enclosures with ratings from IP54 to IP67 provide the cost-effective solutions for you! A wide range of styles, sizes and options including colour and materials are readily available. The extensive range includes ABS, polycarbonate, diecast aluminium and glass reinforced polyester versions with screw or hinged lids and a vast array of optional features and accessories.

Moulded Boxes - Multi Purpose

Perancea’s Multi Purpose box range includes screw lid boxes,hand held enclosures, flanged boxes, power supply enclosures and sloping front instrument cases. Full in house customising is also available for a range of features including holes, cut-outs, apertures, painting and coating, RFI screening and also screen printing.

Metalwork - custom - fine limit

Perancea's comprehensive, modern sheet metal fabrication service is backed by more than 30 years experience in producing close tolerance sheet metal components, assemblies and enclosures for the electrical and electronics industries. Our established production team boasts a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing mechanical parts for state of the art electronic products, with fit for purpose and delivery on time are our very positive watchwords.

Potting Boxes - Encapsulation Shells

Perancea’s ABS moulded potting boxes are specifically designed for the encapsulation of electronic components and assemblies to protect against environmental hazards, to provide design security and enhanced appearance. The standard range can be customised to your requirements and non-standard sizes can be produced from low cost tooling or by vacuum forming.

Diecast - Screw Lid Boxes

Perancea provides a wide range of economy and IP65/66 diecast aluminium boxes  including direct or close equivalents to most of the sizes and styles offered by manufacturers and distributors. Features include optional integral PCB guides, flanged lids or bases and gaskets. Full customising  is available including painting and screen printing.

Instrument Panels - Custom

As part of its fine tolerance sheet metalwork and plastic fabrication facility, Perancea also provides bespoke Instrument Panel & Fascia services. The company has extensive experience in producing high quality, aesthetic panels in both metal & plastic for a wide range of applications.  Panels can be manufactured from a variety of metals & plastics, as well as by customising lids, doors and chassis plates from the Perancea Standard Enclosures range.

Plastic Fabrication


Perancea provides proven high accuracy plastic fabrication & precision machining  in a wide range of materials  to meet even the most demanding of requirements. The company commands a wealth of experience built up over more than 30 years through providing quality plastic engineering components.

Hammond & Ritec Enclosures, Boxes & Extruded Cases

Perancea is an approved distributor of the extensive Hammond and Ritec range of enclosures and boxes, providing added value through the additional service of customising enclosures, including painting and screen printing.

Eddystone Diecast Screw Lid Boxes

Perancea is able to supply the renowned industry standard range of Eddystone aluminium diecast boxes, supported by a full customising service.

West Hyde Sink Boxes & Clipper Hand Held Boxes

Perancea can supply the popular seven-strong Sink Box range of extruded aluminium cases, designed for horizontally mounting PCBs or chassis as well as Clipper miniature hand-held boxes.


Thank you all at Perancea very much for your time and effort in coming up with an improved method of construction to achieve what I hope will be the best compromise in weight versus performance - it really is appreciated! The redesigned unit certainly looks very smart indeed. Between us we have already chipped away at the weight and it is close to the nice lightweight of the last batch with the added benefit of a stronger more rugged construction to meet the demanding conditions in the field.

Dr. Roger Walker, MInstP 

Geoscan Research

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