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We are wire suppliers who strive to provide consistent quality wire at highly competitive prices for a range of applications and requirements.

We offer drawn aluminium wire and copper wire in bulk quantities and you can be assured your wire will always be dependable and compatible with your needs. Our consistent quality is helped by using a superior aluminium rod to create round drawn wire. As wire suppliers, we provide to a wealth of industry markets including aerospace, engineering, chemical, petrochemical, marine, and automotive.

Aluminium Wire

Our aluminium wire is produced by using a range of unique equipment we have invested in and include highly advanced precision balanced machinery.  We also still use 60 year old cast iron equipment. It has never failed us and integrates seamlessly into our state of the art machines.

We have a wealth of expertise and experience in metallurgy and understand the essential need to manipulate the process to create high quality aluminium wire. We supply our products for many uses and our alloy wire has been used on space stations to produce energy from the earth's magnetic core.

Drawn Wire

Drawn wire is produced through a process of steadily stretching the wire to a specific gauge and to the size of requirement. To get the correct gauge, drawn wire can be heated and annealed from larger to smaller sized spools at a constant speed.

Other alloys can be mixed into drawn wire to change its properties, but the melting point of pure aluminium is 660.52 degrees C.

Innovation and Prototyping

We specialise in innovation and prototyping of aluminium and alloy wire and we enjoy working closely with clients to manufacture a solution to a problem.

Our innovation and prototyping services also consist of one off projects as well as long term operations. By coming to us to discuss any potential jobs, you will make considerable savings on time and money.

Wire Grades

The most beneficial quality of aluminium wire is its low density. It is ideal for use in applications where weight is a consideration such as in aircrafts, motor vehicles and electricity pylons.

We stock a broad range of wire grades from 1070 to 5154, and 8176 EEE aluminium wire. For the majority, can supply all wire grades and types of wire you need. Our wire can be supplied heat treated or in intermediate tensiles so wire can be as supple or rigid as you need it to be.

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