Perry of Oakley Ltd

Perry of Oakley Ltd was founded in 1947 by Tom Perry, a farmer’s son, who offered a manufacturing service to local farmers and businesses in Oakley, Basingstoke.

We built our first continuous grain drier in 1954 and our first chain and flight conveyors and bucket elevators in 1949 and the early 1950’s.

In 1952 our first factory was built in Oakley, and was just 2000 sq. ft. By 1974 we had our first purpose built factory. Over the next 16 years the business continued to grow and expand under the direction of Tom’s son, Nigel Perry. In 1990 we relocated to Honiton in Devon to larger premises. In 1991 Nigel’s son, David Perry, joined the company after achieving a First Class Honours degree in engineering. 

In 2007 David Perry took over as Managing Director. The factory now occupies 52000 sq. ft., on a 2.5 acre site. We use the latest CAD CAM technology, automated punching and forming machinery and our designers and technicians have years of experience in the bulk materials handling trade.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in our purpose built factory using a depth of knowledge acquired during more than 60 years of business, and using our in house staff we provide expert technical support for our machinery worldwide. 

Examples of products handled include grain, minerals, animal feed, wood waste, pellets, dusts, woodshavings, wood chip, sawdust, pet food, and compost to name a few.

Our experience and in depth engineering knowledge is our strength. You know that when you purchase a Perry product you are buying a quality made British built product that is backed up by a third generation, 60 plus strong family owned highly experienced company.

We have a strong UK customer base and export to many countries around the world.

We back up our equipment with a large stores facility in Devon and we have a network of engineering staff who are available for site visits if required.

Products & Services

Chain & Flight conveyors

  • Capacities up to 60 tph (wheat @ 750kg/m3)
  • Heavy duty specification. 3mm thick base and 2mm thick sides (thicker options available).
  • Perry heavy duty precision roller chain with deep faced flights as standard - ideal for handling cereals, pulses & granular products.
  • Reliable V belt drive to shaft mounted gearbox - easy maintenance & built in safety factor to protect gearbox. 90 degree direct drive gear unit as an option.
  • Durable galvanised steel construction
  • Dimple style joint for high mechanical strength and good alignment of sections
  • 3 piece trough construction allows base to be thicker than the sides providing a longer life.
  • Deep flights mean most conveyors are suitable for inclined applications.
  • These conveyors are supplied as standard in modular lengths with loose inlets and outlets to allow faster delivery.
  • Inclined conveyors can be used at angles of up to 30 degrees. Also with the use of a cable span brace any conveyor can span 12m unsupported.

Curved Combinations

  • Curved machines used to feed elevator boots remove the need for elevator pits
  • Replace a belt and bucket elevator and horizontal conveyor with one curved 90° from horizontal to vertical (Capacity up t 50tph)
  • Benefit of reduced number of machines and hence easier and quicker installation and less wiring work
  • Horizontal / curved machines can be used to enter buildings and follow the roof line for maximum height
  • Combination machines are made up using our market leading horizontal conveyor and flight elevator designs
  • Angled Combinations allow machines to be fitted into existing plants and buildings more easily
  • Mechanical reception pits can be fitted to all horizontal / inclined combinations
  • Capacities up to 120 tph

Levelling & travelling conveyors

  • These conveyors maximise grain store fill whilst minimising the labour required
  • These conveyors are suspended on carriages and beams each end of a grain store. They can be manually pushed or winched along the length of a building.
  • Systems can be fully automated.

Levelling conveyors

  • These conveyors are suspended on tracks at the side of a building and have an open bottom to allow grain to fill the building starting at one end and building up to the base of the conveyor.
  • It will fill a grain store with a completely level un-compacted layer of grain ideal for under floor ventilation and drying.
  • They remove the need for a loader & grain pusher to fill the store to its optimum

Travelling conveyors

  • These conveyors are still suspended from beam trollies but they do not have a fully open bottom. They have individual outlets instead to fill bins or bunkers in a particular building when there is little headroom
  • They can also be used to fill floor stores with peaked fill when surcharging storage.

Belt Conveyors

  • Capacities of up to 1000 m3 / hr - each machine tailored to individual customers’ requirement.
  • Capacities from 30 to 600 tph handling Wheat at density 750 kg per cubic M
  • In agricultural applications these conveyors are ideal for filling large storage sheds. A belt conveyor can be positioned in the apex of the building and a winched tripper can discharge grain all the way along the building avoiding the peaks and troughs formed by using a chain and flight conveyor with separate outlets.
  • There are also many inclined applications up to 30 degrees depending on the product being handled.
  • 3 piece steel trough construction or with a 3 roller trough belt assembly.
  • These designs give an exceptionally rigid construction, easily capable of spanning 6m building bays.
  • The section joints are of dimpled style, guaranteeing accurate alignment, and a smooth and strong connection.
  • The Tripper device can either be motorised or hand operated.
  • Two manually adjusted tensioning screws are fitted to the Tail End
  • The belt is of a PVG compound type, with a Polyester carcass, giving excellent oil, mildew and rot resistance, flame retardance to ISO 340 and a satin top cover finish for improved product release.
  • Other belt types can be grip face or Chevron for use on inclined applications.

U trough screw conveyors & Augers

  • Perry manufactures a complete range of screw conveyors and augers.
  • Standard diameters are from 100mm to 600mm
  • Larger diameters and machines for specialist applications can also be manufactured on request.
  • All flighting, screw conveyors and augers can be manufactured from mild steel and painted or hot dip galvanised or from Stainless steel.
  • Various drive options available
  • Various flight types available
  • Ideal for applications requiring stopping & starting under load

Agricultural Belt & Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities available from 11 to 120 tph based on wheat @750kg/m³
  • Higher capacities up to 500tph are available in our industrial range
  • Single and double lift models available
  • Durable galvanised steel finish
  • V Belt drive to shaft mounted gearbox
  • Slatted pulleys fitted as standard - help reduce build-up of materials on pulleys
  • Low stretch rubber oil resistant EP belting standard
  • Gearboxes prefilled with lubricant - easy installation
  • Model 220 and 440 elevator
  • This elevator is specifically designed to offer a high specification single and double lift elevator at a very attractive price
  • It has a capacity range up to 80 tph
  • Head & boot shell 3mm thick
  • Heavy duty welded construction hot dip galvanised head cap
  • Range of speeds to provide centrifugal, slow centrifugal and gravity discharge.
  • Model 200, 280 and 560 elevator
  • This elevator is specifically designed with a very low boot inlet height and short head. It is ideally suited to being used in old installations and where space is tight.
  • It also has a slower belt speed making it kinder to some products.
  • All elevators are available with an access platform and ladders and hoops meeting all safety standards.

Aspirator Pre-Cleaners

  • The Perry In-line Aspirator Pre-Cleaner removes dust, chaff, husks, awns and material lighter than the grain.
  • 3 capacities available 30tph, 60 tph and 120 tph
  • Grain is internally spread over the full width of the chamber and the air is pulled through the cascading grain to remove the light dust and chaff.
  • The rate of airflow can be adjusted to suit a variety of crops using an adjustable slide using the chain wheel at the side of the cleaner.
  • Perry also manufactures a full range of exhaust ducting and cyclones to collect the rubbish removed.
  • All galvanised steel with a weatherproof motor for external and internal installation.

Chain & Flight Elevators

  • Ideal for handling cereals, pulses and granular products at any angle
  • Capacities from 6 to 100 tph based on wheat @ 750kg/m³
  • Durable galvanised steel finish
  • Excellent wear characteristics as faced flights mean no metal to metal contact
  • V Belt drive to shaft mounted gearbox
  • Low maintenance self-lube bearings
  • Gearboxes prefilled with lubricant
  • Angles from 31° to 90°

Ducting, Fittings & Valves

  • Square Flanged Ducting: Sizes: 150mm, 181mm, 207mm, 232mm, 254mm, 304mm and larger on request
  • Square slip fit Ducting: Sizes: 150mm, 181mm, 207mm, 232mm
  • Round slip fit Ducting: Sizes: 100mm, 127mm, 150mm, 181mm, 207mm, 232mm
  • Round clip together ducting in a variety of diameters and thicknesses.


  • Straight ducting in various lengths
  • 45, 30 and 15 degree elbows and bends
  • Diverter valves manually operated, motorised or pneumatic.
  • Cut off slides
  • Bin slides manually operated rack and pinion or motorised or pneumatic.
  • Loose collars and flanges
  • Cut off slides

Reception Hopper

  • Perry reception hoppers are manufactured in lengths from 3m to 6m and double this when units are used in tandem.
  • Hoppers enable trailers to be tipped into a mechanical pit above ground. This is especially useful when there is a high water table and deep pits are not possible.
  • Alternatively hoppers can be situated below ground to allow drive over access
  • The ground works only require a simple rectangular pit so they are kept cheap and simple
  • Mobile machines are also available
  • Hoppers can be fitted to almost any of our chain and flight conveyors or our chain and flight conveyor / elevator combinations giving complete flexibility
  • Galvanised construction is standard for all capacities up to 600 tph
  • Curved machines in conjunction with flight conveyors allow many different configurations
  • No need for inverter control as there are 2 separate control slides with operating handles for flow control

Trench Intake

  • A more cost effective alternative to a reception hopper
  • Lengths’ from 1.5m upwards
  • Narrow and compact, perfect for a pre-dug trench
  • No intake hopper
  • Capacities up to 120 tph
  • Requires an inverter to control the flow rate

Heavy duty agricultural chain & flight conveyors

  • Perry heavy duty roller chain with deep face flights, ideal for handling cereals, pulses and granular products
  • Capacities up to 120 tph based on wheat @ 750kg/m³
  • A range of chain speeds to suit various products
  • Drive configuration to suit customers preference
  • Vee belt drive to shaft mounted speed reducer
  • Geared motor drive with chain and sprocket final drive
  • Shaft mounted geared motor
  • Horizontal, curved, inclined and flow and return conveyors available
  • All bolted and rivetted construction with heavy duty dimple form countersunk joint for high mechanical strength.
  • Inclined and curved conveyor options up to 45° as standard, 90° option available
  • Variety of inlets and accessories
  • Plastic flights on chain (no metal to metal contact)
  • E/p or motorised outlet options
  • High specification outlet options with dust and scraper seals
  • Mechanical intake pits available

Industrial chain & flight conveyors

  • Capacities of up to 600 tph in Wheat @750kg/cubic M - each machine tailored to individual customer’s requirements.
  • 4 standard widths available 230, 300, 400, 500mm
  • Heavy duty construction. Standard specification of 4 or 5mm base with 3mm thick sides. (Thicker material for higher capacities)
  • Bases fitted with wear resistant strips for chain to run on.
  • Steel plate chain with breaking strains up to 224Kn or forged chain with breaking strains up to 235Kn
  • Optional split hub sprockets for easy maintenance.
  • Optional Spring assisted chain tension. This allows the tail end shaft to move slightly as the chain passes around it to smooth out the constant straining and un-straining caused by the chain not taking a perfect radial path around the sprocket.
  • Drive configurations to suit customer preferences:
  • Horizontal, curved, flow and return and inclined conveyors available
  • All bolted & rivetted construction with heavy duty dimple form countersunk joint
  • Various outlet options available

Industrial Belt & Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities over 800 m3 / hr
  • Construction options:
  • Stainless steel /Galvanised steel /Mild steel powder coat painted
  • Head shaft, pulley and bearing assembly easily removed in one piece
  • Shafts fitted nylon or felt shaft seals as standard
  • Belt tensioning by adjustable boot shaft
  • Solid crowned Head drum as standard, boot drums slatted as standard with other configurations available depending on product requirements.
  • Large removable inspection panel for maintenance and efficient installation of the belt and bucket assembly.
  • Boot and head shell are fitted with large access doors to enable easy cleaning.
  • Seed boot option available with elevator boot on a short stand and a clean out tray for removal of residue.
  • Buckets are Super Starco style with mild steel as standard
  • Options: HDP/Stainless steel /Zytel nylon
  • Explosion panels available to suit ATEX requirements
  • Full range of rotation, belt alignment and bearing temperature sensors can be supplied
  • Careful head and cap design allows for maximum output for size of bucket used
  • Drive configurations to suit customer preferences: vee belt drive to shaft mounted speed / shaft mounted geared motor

Ezi Quote

The Ezi Quote system is a fast online quoting and ordering system, allowing you to get a quote or order machines from us in a matter of minutes. Not only does the system email you a quote document but if you require any 2D or 3D Drawings, the system will email you out custom drawings of the machine you have specified on the Ezi Quote system in a matter of minutes, not days! 

The machines available on the Ezi Quote system include:

  • Driers
  • Belt and bucket elevators
  • Store conveyors (Horizontal, Flow & return,
  • Inclined & Curved)
  • Roller trough belt conveyors
  • Aspirator cleaners
  • Ducting, Fittings & valves.
  • Go to to find out more
Products & Services

Grain Driers

Continuous Mix Flow Drier

A tried and tested way of moisture removal - High output with efficient fuel and electrical usage.

  • All Perry driers are designed and manufactured in house, to conform to British and international standards.
  • Full technical support and servicing direct from the manufacturer.
  • Very latest PLC program and control panel designed and programmed in house.
  • Capacities from 8 to 100 tph.
  • Widths from 2M to 8M
  • Designed to BS6399 and BS5950 for structural strength and wind loads calculated on a 50 year event.
  • Fully galvanised
  • Highly efficient pneumatic shutter discharge.
  • 2mm thick grain column.
  • The Perry drier has a completely ledge free grain column to help prevent the hang up of straw or dust
  • Tapered duct design aids an even air speed across the entire drier width
  • The top row of ducts in the drier are manufactured from 3mm galvanised steel to prolong life.
  • The column also has unique design features to promote even grain flow.

Dual Column Driers

  • These driers combine the high capacity of a large drier combined with the flexibility of being able to use either half for drying small batches.
  • If there is only a small amount of crop to be dried then only one column needs to be used.
  • One column can be left filled with one crop whilst the other column is used to dry another. This significantly reduces lost time spent filling and emptying the drier between batches

Fuel & Burner Options

  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Natural gas
  • LPG
  • Dual fuel (gas and oil in the one burner)
  • Biomass

Drying Light Seeds

  • The Perry drier has a fan bypass plenum to allow air to be bled directly into the fans from ground level. This ensures that airspeeds are not increased in front of the full ducts.
  • The PLC panel also gives the option to turn a fan off if a drier has multiple fans. (Fan shutters must be fitted to use this)
  • To help achieve the low temperatures required when there is also low air flow due to the lightness of the crop the PLC panel has the ability to turn burners on and off to maintain the low temperature if fitting smaller jets is not enough.
  • Optional inverter control for the drier fans to reduce energy consumption and crop lift off when drying light crops. 

Servicing & Commisioning

All Perry driers are commissioned by our own experienced engineers who will also provide expert technical advice for complete satisfaction. Our engineers are available to carry out:-

  • Commissioning
  • Drier servicing

We also have a dedicated technical support line to provide a first point of call for all technical enquiries for all products including driers and their control panels.

Access & Cleaning

  • There are large access doors into the exhaust plenum. These also allow cleaning out of any blockages that may occur in the baffles above the discharge shutters.
  • The internal of the drier has a lot of cross bracing which is dimpled to provide a non slip surface. These can be used as a ladder to access the drier for cleaning and inspection. Harness attachment points are at every level.
  • Sight glasses in exhaust plenum allow monitoring of dust and chaff build up.

Drier Discharge

  • All Perry driers are equipped with a pneumatically operated fully galvanised shutter discharge system.
  • The length of the opening time and the frequency is fully adjustable from the drier PLC panel.
  • Twin rams fitted on 2, 3 and 4M drier discharges.
  • 4 rams fitted on 5 and 6M drier discharges.
  •  Pneumatic control panel mounted on the side of the discharge.
  • Sight glasses & slides fitted to hoppers

Fan Options

  • Standard fans with 1D silencers
  • Standard fans with 1D silencers with pods
  • Side mounted fans with rain beaks
  • Vertically mounted fans with standard silencers
  • Vertically mounted dust reduction fans
  • E/P operated weather shutters fitted to vertically mounted fans
  • E/P operated fan dust shutters to reduce the dust and chaff output when the discharge shutters open available as an option.

Drier Testing

  • Perry of Oakley has its own fully functioning grain drier test rig installed at Cannington Grain. It’s a model M217.
  • This gives us access to an actual drier operating under real life conditions and the capability for extended test runs for all new product developments and to    enhance our R and D capabilities.
  • The drier is completely wired with temperature monitors and has access hatches to enable us to measure moisture contents anywhere in the grain column.

PLC Drier Control Panel

  • 12” touch Screen.
  • Simple operation.
  • Over 70 alarms and messages.
  • Automatic set up for different crops and moisture contents
  • Diagnostics
  • Designed and programmed in house.
  • Plant control panel available
  • Remote connectivity available using internet connection.
  • Fuel use calculator included.
  • Recirculating batch mode.

Connect your panel to the internet to allow:

  • Status reports in email and text form to be sent to selected numbers and e mail addresses.
  • Ability to control or monitor the drier remotely from any internet connected PC.
  • Download all alarm history and recorded drier conditions.
  • Remote connection by Perry engineers to diagnose any faults or help with training.
  • Moisture contents can be entered when taken by the operator so these can be added to record sheets produced in Excel.
  • Export all recorded drier conditions and moisture contents to excel and automatically create daily record sheets.

Plant Control Panel

  • Can control up to 10 machines as standard.
  • Unique mimic programmed for each installation.
  • Hand or auto route selection modes.
Grain Driers

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