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Petans has been a benchmark for professional safety and survival training, across the whole energy sector, both UK and worldwide since 1971.

Petans provides individuals with OPITO accredited, basic and refresher training, which can also be provided in accordance with OLF for those seeking to work in the Norwegian sector.

Petans first rate equipment and simulators give all delegates a realistic training experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Your instructors ensure you get personal attention with any areas of concern being highlighted and addressed during training. You can have confidence that should you become involved in any emergency situation you will be well prepared to respond correctly.

With some more advanced training there may be prerequisite courses needed before attending. If you require any clarification on this please contact us on 01603 891255.

Please note, as of Monday 15th February standards to BOSIET, FOET and HUET courses within the UK Sector will change to include 'dry' CA -EBS training with in-water HUET breath hold exercises. In accordance with the new OPITO Standards which came in to force 15th February 2016. 

If you do not work in the UK sector we can offer the FOET with Escape Chute and LAP/EBS which will entitle you to work in the Norwegian, Dutch and Danish sectors. Or both together if you want the opportunity to work worldwide.

Firefighting Training

We provide comprehensive and professional firefighting training. Our firefighting training is carried out by fully qualified instructors and training staff.

We believe the best training comes from in-house facilities and staff. Our unrivaled fire training facilities in Norwich are one of only a few centres in the UK where live firefighting is still carried out.

Firefighting Training

Helicopter Courses

As leading training providers, we offer helicopter courses for numerous different requirements. Our helicopter courses are focused towards helicopter crews, helicopter fire and emergency responders on airside operations.

Further helicopter courses are geared towards radio operators, refuelling technicians and people handling aircraft movements on both manned and unmanned installations.

Helicopter Courses

Safety Management Courses

Petans provide training options to people who may be looking to broaden their knowledge, or who are in particular jobs or environments.

Some people need prior knowledge of the areas of legislation that they will have to understand when acting in the role of Manager onboard an offshore platform, for others it is the things they will have to know when they have the specific job of an Offshore Safety Representative.

Both are important and responsible roles to undertake, so the training is relevant, useful, up to date and practical, including entertaining and challenging role playing, with instant feedback on the performance of delegates.

For specific training in the unique risks associated with H2S we offer a specific half day training course.

Safety Management Courses
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