Peter Grant Papers Ltd

For over thirty years, Peter Grant Papers have manufactured and distributed a range of paper disposables and non woven products for the 'away from home' market. Our unrivalled pedigree and experience gives our customers the confidence of knowing that they can rely on Peter Grant Papers to meet all their disposable paper product needs.

We work hard to understand the needs of our customers through a clear understanding of the market and listening to our customer requirements, we are capable of meeting the varying demands of the marketplace, supplying quality products and unbeatable levels of customer service.

Disposable Wiping Products

The key to Peter Grant Papers success is providing a vertically integrated solution to match our customer’s needs. We are an established, privately owned company, a market leader within the ‘Away from Home’ paper industry. Providing a range of high quality disposable wiping products, a professional service and the flexibility to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

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Disposable Wiping Products

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