Peter Jackson and Sons Ltd

We specialise in manufacturing veterinary bedding and we have a wide range of products. As well as veterinary bedding, we also supply equestrian fabric, rugs, medical accessories, underblankets, polishing pads, and knitting finishing.

We are also an underblanket manufacturer, vet bed manufacturer, pet bedding manufacturer, sheepskin manufacturer, and faux fur manufacturer.


Our alternative sheepskin products are made from 100 percent pure, new wool and offer all the benefits of sheepskin without harming the animal.

Our products can be used as an alternative to sheepskin in almost every application. Please contact use for further information.


Veterinary Bedding Manufacturer

Peter Jackson & Sons Ltd manufacture sliver knitted, pile fabrics for clients world wide.
In addition to our range of standard fabrics, we manufacture to our customers specifications. We are a specialist veterinary bedding manufacturer. With low minimum order quantities and weights of fabric up to 3.0kg per linear metre, all available in a choice of colours and patterns to specification. Sample uses include:

  • Veterinary bedding manufacturer
  • Equestrian fabric manufacturer
  • Rug manufacturer 
  • Medical accessories
  • Underblanket manufacturer 
  • Polishing pad manufacturer 
  • Faux fur manufacturer
  • Fur fabric manufacturer
  • Vetbed manufacturer

Our processes include:

  • Carding
  • Knitting
  • Finishing

Located in Halifax, a town nestled in the Pennines, with a history steeped in textile tradition, our reputation for high standards and attention to detail ensure that, whatever your requirements, our products will surpass your expectations.

 Veterinary Bedding Manufacturer


We are manufacturers of veterinary bedding and vetbeds. They are available in a range of colours and specifications.

Our products also include equestrian, rugs, medical accessories, underblankets, vetbeds, polishing pads, faux fur, clothing, vetbed, knitting, finishing, and veterinary bedding.



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