PF La Roche and Co Ltd

La Roche are Manufacturers of Reinforcement Bar Bending and Bar Cutting Machinery.

La Roche was established in 1949, and manufacture Bar Bending and Bar Cutting Machinery with capacities up to 55mm high tensile steel.

In addition to the main product range the La Roche range includes Construction Machinery and ancillary equipment for the Concrete Industries.

La Roche’s additional products include, Compaction Equipment, Concrete Vibration Equipment, Concrete Floor Cutting Machinery, Manual Bar Benders, Manual Bar Cutters, Steel Fixers Nips, Cranking Irons and Concrete Power Trowels.

La Roche have a division which hires or rents La Roche Bar Bending and Bar Cutting Machines to companies who need to use them on site for a few weeks or may have a requirement machines where they need extra capacity for their own output.

La Roche also hire rebar correction tools, which can bend and straighten rebar up to 32mm.

PF La Roche and Co Ltd Overview