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With over 50 years of experience with innovation and performance in the precision drilling and tooling market, we supply a variety of top grade products including high speed steel drills.

High speed steel drills are primarily used for drilling in the following materials:

  • Alloyed and non alloyed steel
  • Soft stainless steel
  • Soft cast iron
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass and bronze
  • Plastics

Cobalt Drill Bits

Our extensive products and services also include the supply of a variety of cobalt drill bits. Cobalt drills are a preferred drill for harder materials, especially stainless steel.

The primary reason for this is their rigidity and hardness at a higher temperature than HSS drill bits. All our cobalt drill bits are under the Phantom brand and have split points (self centring points). Cobalt drills are more suited to CNC machines, pillar drills and drill presses due to the brittleness of the material compared to standard HSS.

Coated Drill Bits

We specialise in market leading drill bits of varying specifications including options in coated drill bits. Surface coatings on drill bits allow greater feeds and speeds when operating at higher temperatures, increasing tool life and thus productivity, sometimes by four or five times.

The following characteristics accompany each of the coated drill bits:

  • TiN – Titanium Nitride: a gold coloured film of titanium nitride with a hardness of approximately 85Rc is deposited on the tool, extending tool life by reducing friction and enabling greater speeds and feeds
  • TiAlN – Titanium Aluminium Nitride: this coating has a greater hardness than TiN. A very thin film of AL203 (aluminium oxide) is formed on the surface of the TiAlN, greatly increasing the service life of the tool and withstanding higher temperatures especially when machining cast iron and tough steels

Carbide Drill Bits

We supply immensely effective carbide drill bits for utilisation in high production applications.

These carbide drill bits allow for very high cutting speeds and an extensive tool life. They also offer the ability to cope with a vast number of differing materials such as soft and hard cast iron, copper, brass and bronze.

Left Hand Drill Bits

For the most comprehensive drill bit options, we have the unrivaled selection. Our stock range also includes left hand drill bits. These left hand drill bits are used when spindles cannot be reversed or for an effective way of removing right handed screws.

The Phantom left hand drill bits have precision ground left hand spirals in HSS, designed for all steels. The left hand drill range also extends to left hand centre drills and spotting drills.

Long Drill Bits

We have available a unique selection of long drill bits. These long drill bits are designed to cater for all engineers drilling needs and offer a solution to all drilling problems where other drills cannot cope or stand up to modern manufacturing speeds and methods.

The long series drills come in HSS and HSS-Co variants.

Extra Long Drill Bits

Further to our supply of long drill bits, we also offer varying options in extra long drill bits. These extra long drill bits are designed to cater for all engineers drilling needs and offer a solution to all drilling problems where other drills cannot cope or stand up to modern manufacturing speeds and methods.

The extra long series of drills also come in HSS and HSS-Co variants.

Morse Taper Shank Drill Bits

We provide a unique supply of morse taper shank drill bits, designed to cater for all engineers drilling needs and to offer a solution to all drilling problems where other drills cannot cope or stand up to modern manufacturing speeds and methods.

These morse taper shank drill bits come in HSS and HSS-Co variants in MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5 and MT6 tapers.

Core Drill Bits

Core drill bits are used to open out existing drilled holes, similar to a reamer. Our options include many differing specifications for pre-drilling diameters for each size of core drill.

Phantom core drill bits are available with parallel and morse taper shanks and they have three flutes.

Wood Drill Bits

Suitable for all wood types, we provide an array of wood drill bits.

Our wood drill bits are available in spade drill bits made from tool steel and HSS Jobber wood drill bits with centring points and pre-cutters.

Masonry and SDS Drill Bits

The Phantom range of construction drill bits are available as masonry and SDS drill bits. As well as masonry and SDS drill bits, they are also available as hammer and concrete drill bits, as well as in kit form.

The International Tools range of HSS Jobber drill bits are also ideal for the construction industry, offering a value sensitive product that works in most materials.

Centre and Spotting Drill Bits

We offer the most comprehensive and high quality options in centre and spotting drill bits. Centre and spotting drill bits are traditionally used to make a conical hole for a lathe centre in order to make a starting point for a standard twist drill, designed to prevent the twist drill from walking.

Drill materials: HSS, HSS-Co, TiALN coating and carbide. Centre drills are available with combined drills, reinforcing bulge, radius form, bell type, extra length, 60° and 90° angles.

Morse Taper Sleeves

We also have options in morse taper sleeves. Morse taper sleeves, or drill sleeves/reduction sleeves are used to adapt smaller morse taper shank tools to larger machine spindles.

The sleeves are to DIN 2185 and are completely hardened and ground.

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