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Philip Tyler Polymers Limited is a major force in the plastics recycling industry with over 30 years experience.Established international customer base of manufacturers using recycled, reprocessed and off grade commodity and engineering plastics for all manufacturing disciplines and processes.

The roots of the business go back to 1973 when Philip Tyler set up Philip Tyler Limited to trade plastic raw materials. Philip had already gained considerable experience of the industry and was very much a “pioneer” in plastics recycling with his involvement in Michael Stevens Limited going back to the early 1960s.

Plastic Recyclers


Using our unparalleled network of In-House and Out-Sourced recycling and logistics services we can deliver a range of integrated services which maximise revenue and minimise waste disposal costs.Our services include:

Supply of bulk bags for packaging in-house regrind

Supply of cages for lumps, and plastic waste

Supply of standing trailers where dry storage is at a premium

Supply of recycling equipment including balers and granulators

Supply of granulation and compounding toll work services

Plastic Recyclers


Philip Tyler Polymers Ltd specialises in the distribution of regrind for pelletising plus a range of compounds, prime and off-spec polymers.

We supply a broad spectrum of commodity and engineering polymers for all primary manufacturing processes and applications, as illustrated in the chart below.

We have in depth experience of servicing a wide variety of industries including, automotive, building and construction, material handling/packaging, horticulture, housewares, textiles etc.


Philip Tyler Polymers Ltd


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Philip Tyler Polymers Ltd
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