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We are one of the leading suppliers of ultrasonic non-destructive testing solutions and inspection systems to the rail, energy, aerospace and process industries. Our inspection systems run from manual scanners and ultrasonic transducers through to very sophisticated turbine and generator inspection systems.

We have a variety of NDT equipment and our products take into account the latest techniques including:

  • TOFD
  • Phased array

We can also provide a custom made NDT system if that is what you are requiring.


For general purposes, single and twin shear wave transducers are ideal in applications such as:

  • Forgings
  • Castings
  • Pipe tubing
  • Plate and welds

We also have a gold series of transducers which are high performing and have significant improvements in performance. We have a comprehensive range of performance ultrasonic transducers which are very reliable, cost effective and reproducible.

All our transducers are made to quality standards including: EN12668, BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, ESI, DIN, AWS and ASTM.


TOFD, or Time of Flight Diffraction, is the fastest ultrasonic technique. TOFD offers faster and more cost effective inspections.

We have a full range of transducers that are designed specifically for TOFD applications. You can have the TOFD with integral or demountable wedges and they are available in piezocomposite or ceramic materials.

Multi Purpose Scanner

We are very well known for our multi purpose scanner service including manual and automated scanners. The product can be adapted to suit many different circumstances with our flexible design.

Our multi purpose scanner service includes our popular magnetic wheeled scanners that are suited for manual operation and are compact, robust and can carry eight ultrasonic probes. The Magman scanner is capable of scanning flat plate welds and the inspection of pipes to down to 100mm outside diameter.

Custom Made Scanner

We are able to provide a custom made scanner service in the form of a two-way automated scanner designed to test storage tanks. Our custom made scanner uses probes to measure the thickness of walls and angled beam probes to inspect critical welds for defects.

Our custom made scanner was commissioned by Doosan Babcock and was designed to inspect walls of storage tanks as part of an integrity assessment.

Leak and Blockage Detection

We can offer you a leak and blockage detection service with our Acoustic Ranger 5000 device. This device detects blockages and holes and can save you a great deal of time and money in lost production.

Our AR5000 leak and blockage detection device is ideal for use in the nuclear, petrochemical and the food industries. It can detect blockages, leak or foreign bodies in up to 500m of tubing at rates of up to 800 tubes an hour.

Turbine/Generator Scanners

Our turbine/generator scanners have a lightweight head and, in conjunction with the prism, has all the benefits of a fully automatic inspection system. Our turbine/generator scanners will proide you savings by reducing disruption time, and allowing plant inspections while still in service.

Phased Array

Many of our standard range of scanners can be supplied for use with phased array.

We also work with suppliers of instrumentation to offer you a complete solution for phased array inspections. If you have any special requests, our consultants can design phased array equipment to suit your specific needs and give you advice on the inspection design.

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