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Specialising in oil, chemical and maintenance spill kits, we are the market leading providers of health and safety and spill control products.

Our complete and comprehensive oil, chemical and maintenance spill kits range includes spill kit essentials, as well as a standard and premier range to manage, control and clear up spillages. We also supply spill shaks. They are rigid, double walled, chemical resistant and weather tight containers for the cover and protection of spill pallets.

Chemical, Oil Spill and General Maintenance Absorbents

As well as our vast range of spill kits, we also supply chemical, oil spill and general maintenance absorbents. Our range of chemical, oil spill and general maintenance absorbents covers all spillage and maintenance requirements.

Products include:

Spill Containment Equipment

We provide comprehensive options in spill containment equipment. Our vast options in spill containment equipment include bunds, spill pallets, drip trays and pans.

Our spill containment equipment is suited for day-to-day general maintenance and chemical or oil spills.

Safe Storage of Chemical, Oil and General Materials

We provide all of the products you will need for the safe storage of chemical, oil and general materials.

Our products for the safe storage of chemical, oil and general materials offer prevention against accidental spillages of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

To view the full product range, visit our website.

Drain Protection Products

We also supply an extensive range of drain protection products. Our drain protection products prevent drainage systems from contamination of spills from the workplace or business.

Products include:

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