Pico Technology Ltd

Pico Technology was established in 1991. Since then we have become a world leader in the field of PC-based test equipment and data acquisition.

We offer all of our customers unbeatable technical support, with our team of experts on call to assist you with your product selection. Our stringent quality controls ensure that you receive the highest quality products with the very best level of service.

Our PC-based oscilloscopes and data acquisition products are a cost-effective alternative to traditional test and measurement equipment.  

Our product range includes:

USB Oscilloscopes
Our multi-award-winning USB Oscilloscopes use the power of your PC to give you a feature-rich oscilloscope that is easy-to-use.  Many PicoScope Oscilloscopes include advanced features such as maths functions, spectrum analyser, arbitrary waveform generator and data streaming. 

  • PicoScope 2000 Series - handheld, ultra-compact scopes
  • PicoScope 3000 Series - general purpose and differential scopes
  • PicoScope 4000 Series - precision scopes with 16-bit resolution
  • PicoScope 5000 Series - high-performance scopes for professionals
  • PicoScope 6000 Series - ultimate performance scopes
  • PicoScope 9000 Series - sampling scopes for analysing high-speed signals

Data Acquisition
Whether you need to measure a single temperature; or the humidity, temperature and power usage of a whole building - we can help. 

  • Voltage input/general purpose data loggers
  • Educational data loggers
  • Temperature and Humidity data loggers
  • EnviroMon - environmental data logging system

Automotive Diagnostics
Our range of automotive products are used by everyone from 'weekend mechanics'  to vehicle manufacturers. 

  • Automotive Oscilloscopes ('Lab Scopes')
  • Diagnostics Kits
  • Diagnostic tools, accessories, software and training aids


Pico Technology Ltd Overview