Pillar Seals and Gaskets


Pillar Seals and Gaskets are part of Shimtech Industries Limited, and we offer a wide variety of supply solutions to ensure customers get what they need, exactly where and when they need it.

We are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of seals and gaskets as well as ‘O’ ring seals in standard and highly exotic materials. We also manufacture shims, silicone rubbers and plastic mouldings, along with photo-chemically machined parts and conventionally machined specialist components, assemblies and kits.

Our comprehensive supply of seals and gaskets include 'O' rings in various materials, from standard Nitrile through to the more exotic Perfluorelasters. We specialise in providing high performance 'O' rings suited to high purity processing requirements required by semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers.

We also specialise in the manufacture of gaskets fully compliant to British and European standards. Our flexibility enables us to satisfy every need, from prototype to mass-production quantities. We also developed an in-house process allowing us to produce bonded gaskets with superior results on butt and mitred joints.

EMI RFI Shielding Gaskets

We supply a comprehensive range of EMC shielding products such as EMI RFI shielding gaskets, as well as attenuation vents, shielded windows. We also have a variety of other gaskets made from materials such as knitted mesh, oriented wires in silicone, conductive fabric, and conductive silicone.

Products are manufactured in the UK in an ISO 9001:2008 environment and offer solutions to ensure compliance with the EC Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) 2004/108/EC.

EMI RFI Shielding Gaskets

Aerospace and Industrial Assemblies

We also provide components and assemblies with varying levels of complexity for aerospace and industrial assemblies. We produce these from a broad array in-house manufactured and outsourced items.

Capabilities in making aerospace and industrial assemblies possible:

  • Electrical testing
  • Bonded components
  • Mechanical assemblies
Aerospace and Industrial Assemblies

One-Stop-Shop Sealing Solutions

Over the years, we have gained extensive expertise and experience in providing our customers with one-stop-shop sealing solutions, packaged solutions and kits.

By bringing together our industry expertise, manufacturing capabilities, out-sourcing knowledge and supply chain-management expertise we can provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop to increase our customer service and provide a greater range of solutions suited to multiple programme requirements.

One-Stop-Shop Sealing Solutions

Sealing Solutions Direct Line Feed

We are able to offer a wide variety of sealing solutions to ensure customers get what they need. Our solutions allow customers to accurately assess the cost of acquisition by eliminating non-value added activities such as goods inward inspection, warehousing, stock control, and order placement.

Direct line feed is the ultimate supply system solution and helps to remove all non-value added activity from the supply chain and is ideally suited for parts, kits and packaging used on a regular basis.

E-Ban and Faxban is a version of kanban and shopfloor teams fax us their requirements directly. For parts less regular usage, Faxban ensures when parts are required, they will be delivered within 48 hours. The consignment stock operates on a regular (monthly or weekly) cycle. Again, all we need to know is how many parts have been used and we fill up the bins in the customer's stores ready for the next production cycle.

Sealing Solutions Direct Line Feed
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