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Our work, to date, has covered a variety of projects, including producing basic three page web sites, creating company logos, supplying artwork for flyers, launching CMS driven eCommerce sites and much more.

Pink Cactus started off as a sole trader business in 2005, so we understand the difficulties in getting started and established. With that in mind, we tailor our services to suit our clients’ budgets. No matter how large or small the business or project, we will deliver a solution that works.

Pink Cactus make high end design and brand creation available to small and start-up enterprises.We achieve this, without diluting our service, by avoiding traditional business models that incur high overhead costs.

Web design and development

We strive to make sure our sites are accessible to all web users and always check our code is compatible with W3C standards. Whether you are seeking a small static ‘business card’ site or a content-rich dynamic site, you can be sure it will be created using valid CSS and XHTML, as well as being checked for cross-browser compatibility.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our PHP based Content Management System (CMS) is easy to use, so that you, the client, can update your website in-house, without any technical knowledge. Our CMS is web-based, so it can be used anywhere and anytime – as long as you have an internet connection.

We have had experience in producing e-commerce sites at all levels, from small web shops using PayPal to receive payment for goods, to huge online stores using a payment gateway, such as WorldPay. We enjoy being involved in these sites and always look forward to producing more.

Web design and development

Graphic design and printed media

We know that a strong brand can make any business stand out from its competitors, so securing the right corporate identity is crucial. This is where we can help not only create a logo but devise a ‘look’ and ‘ feel’ for your business. The ownership of it then becomes your responsibility as your business grows.

  • Business Stationery

Any one can take a logo and place it on a letterhead or business card but at Pink Cactus we like to try and take this further, by incorporating your branding into your stationery solutions, so that every aspect of your business image is consistent.

  • Brochures

A company brochure is a great way of showcasing your product or service in a tangible format. With that in mind, we will ensure that the design and quality of your brochure will reinforce your brand values.

At Pink Cactus we have expertise in creating and supplying artwork for printed adverts and leaflets. If ‘mechanical data’ for an advert means nothing to you or you’re unsure as to when VAT isn’t applicable on leaflets, you can rest assured that we will know what to do and will manage the project through to print.

Graphic design and printed media

SEO and online marketing

  • Website SEO audit

We begin by performing a website SEO audit where we analyse the following areas of your website: ‘On-page SEO’, ‘Technical’, ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Off-page SEO’. Each area has a number of checkpoints that have varying levels of importance. Your website will be awarded a pass, warning or fail score for each checkpoint. We provide you with detailed audit report, which contains an analysis of each area and checkpoint. It also explains what is being checked and why it is important to SEO and it outlines what changes are required (if any).

Once we know which areas your website underforms, we can devise a plan of action in the shape of an online marketing strategy. We offer three types of marketing strategies: ‘Targeted Content’, ‘Keyword Optimization’ and ‘Online Proliferation’. The one that is suitable for your business would depend on your circumstances and the results of your website SEO audit.

Email is a cost effective way of connecting with your customers and an email campaign is a fantastic way to promote a new product or service.

At Pink Cactus we can design an engaging HTML email with images and graphics. We carry out tests on different email clients to make sure it won’t break and we understand the legalities of email marketing. The last thing you want is to cause offence to potential and existing customers by not obeying

SEO and online marketing

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