Pinnacal Aluminium Ltd


At Pinnacal Aluminium, we specialise in the supply of a diverse range of speciality products made of aluminium.


Our main focus is on aluminium tubes and aluminium tubular products, manufactured using either the seamless or porthole extrusion process with the capability of cold drawing.


We can also supply hollow profiles, solid profiles and bar, strip and semi continuous cast billets.


Our skilled and dedicated staff at Pinnacal Aluminium will provide you with the technical assistance in selecting the right product and the support of our manufacturers technical expertise in your product development.

Aluminium Tube

We supply aluminium tubes both seamless tubes and porthole tubes. Our aluminium tubes can also be cold drawn to provide precision tolerances, improved properties, all manufactured to suit your specific requirements using an ISO 9001:2000 approved Quality Management System.   Our aluminium tubes are available in a size range of 6 mm to 320 mm outside diameter, in over 50 low to high strength, standard or customised alloys.

Aluminium Products

We supply other aluminium products including: 
  • Hydraulic Pump Housing Profiles
  • Wire Rope Ferrule Profiles
  • Conform Extruded Profiles and Tubes
  • Aluminium Bars and Profiles in High Strength Alloys
  • Bright Rolled Aluminium Strip
  • Aluminium Drawn Rods
  • Aluminium Cast Billets

Markets and Applications

Our aluminium tubes and other aluminium products are used for a wide range of applications such as aircraft seating, hydraulic systems and pumps, photo receptors, rollers, prosthetics, automotive anti-vibration, motorcycle frames and suspension.   Industries in which our aluminium tubes and products are used include:
  • Aerospace                                                      
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Mobility
  • Defence                                                           
  • Motorcycle
  • Electrical                                                          
  • Office Machines 
  • Hydraulic                                                         
  • Pneumatics 
  • Industrial Gases                                             
  • Printing
  • Marine                                                              
  • Textile 

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