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Pipestock are dedicated to stocking and supplying top quality plastic pipe, such as ABS, PVC, and MDPE, for water applications. 

We also hold massive stocks of plastic pipe fittings, range anywhere from couplings and elbows to adaptors and tees.

To complement our range, we also have an extensive selection of plastic valves, including ball, check, butterfly and diaphragm, manufactured in the materials listed above.

Pipestock supply a purposefully designed red aspirating pipe system for smoke detection. This will integrate with detection systems from AirSense, Chubb, ICAM, Kidde, Siemens Vesda and Xtralis.

Pipestock also carry in stock a large array of water meters including:

  • concentric
  • irrigation
  • single-jet
  • multi-jet
  • rotary piston
  • Helix
  • Woltmann

With all of our water meters, Pipestock offer the possibility of having a pulse output fitted.

The various standards covered include type classes A-C, WRAS approval and MID approval, dependent on the meter in question. 

Pipestock.com are the UK's leading online supplier for plastic pipe systems. We offer excellent service throughout your customer experience, no minimum order requirements, huge discounts and fast, reliable delivery.

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TracPipe is the newest invention used for the delivery of natural gas, propane gas and butane gas, to industrial and domestic buildings.

The pipe is fashioned from stainless steel and its design allows it to be semi-rigid because of its ‘corrugated’ shape. Plumbers installing TracPipe systems can bend the pipe into the correct shape for fitting it around a building. This provides economy through the lack of bend and elbow joints needed and the design of the fittings which are used excludes the need for hotwork.

TracPipe joints utilise 'AutoFlare' technology in order to create quick and well-sealed joints. Thanks to these advances, TracPipe can save up to 75% of contractors labour time! Despite all of these positives, there has been no sacrifice to the quality of the product. The entire TracPipe system conforms to the associated British gas pipe regulations. Specific regulations and TracPipe's adhererance to them can be read in more detail on Pipestock's website.

Rapid installation, easy fitting procedures and incredibly economy make this the ideal replacement for traditional gas pipework.  


Pipestock have large stocks of ABS pipe, fittings and valves.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is specially formulated for pressure pipework and is particularly suited to chilled, boosted cold, potable, low temperature and de-mineralised water applications.

All of the ABS products we sell have a working temperature range of -40°C to 70°C, are fully matched and meet the standards of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and the WRc, while also observing BSi KITEMARK regulations and British Standards.


Pipestock have substantial stocks of PVC pipe, fittings and valves.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride - unplasticised) is particularly suited to the safe transportation of many acids, alkalis and chemical concentrates.

All of our PVC pipework products have an operating temperature range of 0°C to 60°C, provide a fully matched system and meet the standards set out by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and the WRc, while complying with BSi KITEMARK regulations and British Standards.


Pipestock have a huge stock of MDPE pipe, fittings and valves at discounted prices, available online for next day delivery.

MDPE or Medium Density Polyethylene pipe is typically used for transporting both water and gas, but the pipe in this section is only suitable for the distribution of water, including clean potable water for human consumption, waste water, general purpose water transportation, drainage and sewerage.

We stock both blue and black MDPE pipe. The blue pipe is used for underground applications and, due to its UV resistance, black pipe is used above ground. However, only blue MDPE pipe is approved for use with drinking (potable) water.


Pipestock are an authorised distributor of the fully matched PPh system and are pleased to be offering such a top quality industrial pipework range.

Our Polypropylene pipework system is a fully matched pipe system, fashioned from A grade Homopolymer Polypropylene (PPh). This is specially formulated for Polypropylene pressure pipework to exacting standards. Our PPh pipe system is priced for its ability to convey acids, alkalis and effluents at high temperatures without risk.

We stock huge quantities of PPh pipe, valves and fittings at low prices available online for fast next day delivery.

Our PPh pipe systems operate within a temperature span of 0°C to 100°C and are ideally suitable for the safe transportation of chemical and pharmaceutical processing.

Corzan CPVC

Our Corzan CPVC is manufactured by Durapipe. This precision matched Corzan CPVC pipework system is suitable for conveying of acids, alkalis, demineralised water, industrial waste treatment, chemical processing, soaps, paper, pulps and effluent. They are WRAS approved and WRc tested.

Corzan is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride resin and chlorine, which gives the pipework higher temperature performance and an improved chemical and fire resistance. Other advantages of CPVC include purity, resistance to fire, mechanical strength, wide operating temperature range, corrosion resistance and affordability.

Pipestock have a huge stock of the complete Corzan CPVC pipe system available online at discounted prices and fast next day delivery. We have pipes, fittings, valves and all the associated accessories available making us a one-stop shop for you when it comes to Corzan pipework systems.

Our CPVC pipe system operate within a temperature range of 5°C to 95°C.

Please note that CPVC is also referred to as PVC-C and PVCC.

Stainless Steel

Pipestock have a wide range of stainless steel pipe, tube, fittings and valves for various applications.

We also stock a huge range of stainless steel Camlock Hose Fittings and Jubileee Clips at low prices available for next day delivery.

Malleable Iron

We have a huge stock of threaded malleable iron fittings and threaded steel tube.
Our threaded iron pipe fittings from George Fischer and Crane are available in black or galvanised finish:

  • Black - anti-corrosive protection, suited for gaseous applications
  • Galvanised - additional anti-corrosive protection, suited for water applications

Malleable iron is a class of cast iron which has been treated to become an iron-carbon alloy. This means it has high strength properties but maintains a high level of ductility i.e. it can flex without breaking.

Hose & Fittings

Pipestock have a huge stock of a wide selection of industrial and domestic hose pipe and fittings available online at discounted prices and next day delivery.

Whether you're looking for a top-quality hose, such as: Hozelock, PVC braided hose, high temperature hose, hi-vis hose, Layflat hose, metal braided hose, fire hose, delivery & suction hose for commercial and domestic use, or a fully industrial hose for pumping and conveyance, we have a huge and ever-growing range at Pipestock.

To complement our vast range of hose, we also supply hose tails, compression hose fittings, barbed fittings, jubilee clips, couplings and cam and groove fittings.

Geka Quick Release Hose Couplings

Pipestock have a large stock of wide range of Geka Quick Release Hose Couplings.

Our quick release couplings feature a claw lock to provide a quick and easy, yet completely secure, solution for connecting hose, valves and taps.

We have various connections in stainless steel and brass, male and female threaded in various sizes for used in various applications.

Get yours online now for fast next day delivery.

Nerrad Pro Tools

Pipestock are proud to stock these fantastic range of products from Nerrad Tools, including pipe wrenches, basin wrenches, pipe and tube cutters, hacksaws, Jet Swet kits, Firejet blow torches, tube benders and pipe bending machine.

Nerrad have fast become a renowned and respected supplier of plumbing hand tools due to their ground-breaking approach to standard products. Their range of ratchet action tools are a first in the industry and provide greater ease of use than has previously been available.

Designed for plumbing applications, the Nerrad Tools range are manufactured from only the best materials to ensure a long and reliable service life.

Gas Pipework

Pipestock have a huge stock of MDPE gas pipe and fittings in sizes of 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 63mm, 90mm, 125mm and 180mm.

We also stock a large amount of Compression Fittings and Electrofusion Fittings including valves and accessories to compliment your gas pipework.

Our MDPE Gas pipework is Tested and Approved for UK gas installations.

Order online now for fast next day delivery.


Pipestock are pleased to expand their portfolio of products offering air systems from AIRpipe, and pneumatic systems from KELM with huge discounts and next day delivery across both range.

Our AIRpipe range includes fittings, valves, tools and accessories.

The AIRpipe range of products differentiates itself in the market through superior design, use of high-quality material and efficient production processes.

The whole system is quick and simple to install; no welding, gluing or crimping is needed, the pipe is easy to cut, drop-downs can be added whenever required and will adapt to changes in the production line, the fittings can be reused after disconnection, and no detailed technical training is required prior to installation. This flexibility, combined with the entire range of pipe and fittings available, means AIRpipe should be your only consideration for a compressed 

Our KELM range includes various tube types, one touch push-in fittings, valves, adapters, flow regulators, blow guns and accessories including air preparation products.

KELM is a rapidly growing fluid power manufacturer with an irrefutable focus on product excellence. All of KELMs products are designed and manufactured with quality and reliability foremost in their consideration.


Pipestock offers the largest selection of polypropylene fittings and valves online, all available for next day delivery.

Our selection includes barbed and threaded fittings and valves ideal for conveying liquids, including drinking water, wine and alimentary fluids.

Our polypropylene range also includes disc and screen water filters.

Hydraulic Tube & Fittings

Pipestock have a huge stock of a whole range of hydraulic tubing and fittings available online for next day delivery.

Our hydraulic range includes steel tube, metallic flexible hoses, tefen tube & fittings, eaton tubes, fittings and valves.

Air-Line Xtra

Pipestock are proud to supply the Air-Line Xtra pipework system, designed and manufactured by the well-known brand Durapipe. We stock are huge amount of the complete Air-Line Xtra pipe, valves and fittings here at Pipestock, with discounted prices and fast next day delivery.

The pipe and fittings are manufactured from a specially formulated blend of ABS, giving them the ability to cope with tough industrial applications. With impact strength and toughness, the material of this pipework system allows it a long service life. The pipework is manufactured with an ultra-smooth bore, in order to allow maximum flow rate.

The Air-Line Xtra pipework meets the requirements of the UK Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers (PSTGC) Regulations. It has a high performance, co-extruded liner which enhances its mechanical and chemical properties, whilst the butadiene component of the material gives the pipework resistance to accidental damage and prevents impact damage, even at low temperatures. Another positive attribute to the system is that there is no need for painting or maintenance of the systems material.

Vesda Pipework

These red ABS pipe and fittings are purposefully designed for the aspirating smoke detection market. They are LPCB approved and equipped to work with AirSense, Chubb, ICAM, Kidde, Siemens VESDA and Xtralis systems. The pipework includes the complete range of accessories, including sampling point kits, capillary pipe, capillary fittings and labels.

Pipestock have massive stock of 1”/25mm and 3/4”/27mm aspirating pipe and pipe fittings, manufactured in red ABS, available online with up to 40% discount for next day delivery.

These pipework systems operate at a temperature range: -40°C to 70°C.


Pipestock are an authorised distributor of the Protecta-Line Pipework system. We stock a large amount of these pipes, fittings and valve at discounted prices, available online for next day delivery.

Protecta-Line is an award-winning, multi-layered, co-extruded polyethylene barrier pipe, it is quick and easy to install, WRAS approved (complete system approval), conforms to BS 6572 or WIS 4-32-17 / BS EN 12201. This pipework system is ideally suitable for conveying drinking water in contaminated ground.

Sizes 90mm to 180mm of Protecta-Line can be joined using electrofusion and butt-fusion. Whilst the integrity of these joints has been proven by permeability testing to WIS 4-32-19, Pipestock recommends wrapping completed joints with Protecta-Line aluminium tape, followed by a proprietary waterproof petrolatum tape (equivalent to Denso) to ensure long-term safety.

Water Meters

Pipestock have huge stock of water meters available online at discounted prices, all available for next day delivery.

Our water meters are suitable for use with both cold and hot water within industrial, agricultural, domestic or recreational applications. All of our meters have anti-mist dials as standard. These provide ease of reading regardless of conditions.

We have a wide range of water meters including single-jet, multi-jet, concentric, irrigation, rotary piston, pulsed, and Woltmann flanged. Each of the water meters in our range has been tested to ensure accurate and reliable readings from delivery and have been approved to 75/33/EEC, ISO4064, they are mountable in both the horizontal and vertical position.

We also stock bespoke Manifold Assembly Kits with or without concentrated water meters including all parts required to install a manifold system.

Water Filters & Cartridges

Pipestock are pleased to supply these top quality water filters and strainers at discounted prices.

Our water filters are designed for use in drip irrigation applications and useful for removing hard particulate materials, such as sand, and organic materials, such as algae, from water irrigation systems.

Our filters and strainers are available online for next day delivery.


Pipestock are please to introduce these new top quality pressure washers, washdown hose, accessories and equipment to their product portfolio.

We stock a large amount of industrial and domestic pressure washers, washdown hose, triggers & lances, pressure nozzles, nozzle holders, quick release couplings, manifolds, rotating and turbo nozzles, spray guns and other pressure washer adapters and fittings.

Get yourself a bargain by ordering online now for next day delivery.


Pipestock are pleased to be selling these top-quality brand of hose and accessories from Hozelock ideal for commercial and domestic use.

Hozelock is an extremely well-known brand, delivering high quality hose pipe and hose accessories to the market.

Our Hozelock range includes Maxi Plus hose pipe & Tricoflex hose pipe.

We have huge stock, all available online for next day delivery.

Saddles & Clamps

Pipestock are pleased to stock these top quality repair clamps and clamp saddles manufactured by plasson.

Clamp saddles are used to branch off from existing pipework and can also be used to add pipe equipment into a system whilst repair clamps can be used within a pipe system to repair a damaged section of pipework to provide strong, leak-free joints to allow for easy pipework repairs.

Metal Valves

We stock a wide selection of metal valves in various sizes and threads available in brass, DZR brass, bronze, stainless steel, solenoid and cast iron. Our valves come in different types including ball, gate, globe, solenoid, check, etc. We also stock WRAS approved metal valves.

Order online now for next day delivery.

Tools & Accessories

Pipestock stock a huge amount of extensive tools and accessories to compliment a wide range of plumbing materials.

The materials used in the manufacturing of all the pipe tools and accessories carried here at Pipestock are all high quality to ensure a long service life.

The uses of these tools and accessories vary. Our industrial pipe lengths and coils can be cut by a plastic pipe saw and pipe cutters, and a chamfer tool can help shape the pipe.

Brushes, PTFE tape, Stanley knives, latex gloves, emery cloths, pipe brackets, EPDM flat gaskets, backing rings and spanners are all useful in installing and joining pipework.

We also stock packaging items including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap pouches and packing tape.

Order tools & accessories online today at discounted prices and next day delivery.


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Pipestock is an industrial trade supplier, supplying products such as: pipe, fittings, valves, hoses, water meters, washdown products, nerrad pro tools and pipeline ancillary products at discounted prices available online for next day delivery.

Among the high-quality brands we supply are:

  • Plasson
  • Philmac
  • Tracpipe
  • Nerrad Tools
  • Durapipe
  • Effast
  • Georg Fischer
  • Crane
  • Hozelock
  • Tefen
  • Eaton Walterscheid


Our customers range from sole traders to blue-chip multinational organisations from industries in: agriculture & horticulture, aquaculture, farming, brewing and distilling, civil engineering, food processing, heating and cooling, fire detection, pipefitting, plastic moulding, process engineering, waste processing, water treatment.

At the heart of Pipestock is a focus on being an ethical company and we endeavour on all occasions to treat customers and suppliers with fairness and to always act with integrity. We have a passion for what we do and we hope that it shows.

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