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SWISS SPEEDY deburring machines and deburring millers. Our specialisation makes us expert partners in the field of edge breaking.

A market survey has shown that typical deburring machines are built mainly as cumbersome, inaccurate “auxiliary devices” which are susceptible to faults. Such machines often fail when there is a lot of work to do and they are in use over a long period. The work cannot be finished and high repair costs are incurred! A machine for professional continuous operation has not been available until now. But deburring is too time-consuming and expensive an operation (often the most complex with simple workpieces) to leave to unproductive tools or unsuitable machines.

Pistorius AG Maschinenbau

The innovative concept and technical refinement of our machines and tools make SWISS SPEEDY products market leaders. At the same time, they are continuously being developed and improved. The tool spindle with its precise bearings forms a separate unit and is driven via a flat belt by a robust, wear-free motor at a high speed of up to 30,000 rpm. The optional continuous speed control is provided by a high-quality frequency converter.

Using SWISS SPEEDY deburring machines reduces processing time, enhances the quality of your workpieces and lowers production costs. Investment in a SWISS SPEEDY machine will pay off very quickly. The cost-benefit ratio of the SWISS SPEEDY is extremely high. Hardly any other machine in the production workshop pays for itself as quickly as the SWISS SPEEDY deburring machine. Wherever sharp edges are created, SWISS SPEEDY deburring machines are an extremely worthwhile and profitable investment.

Pistorius AG Maschinenbau
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