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We supply a wide range of portable production Temporary Kitchens for hire. The Field Kitchen our smallest Temporary Kitchens provides enough space for two to three people to work comfortably, while our Largest portable facility can easily accommodate 10 staff.

Our complete range of portable facilities:

  • Field Kitchens
  • Magnum Kitchens
  • Mini Kitchens
  • Mobile Canopies
  • Open Plan Kitchens
  • Triton Kitchens
  • Central Island Canopies

Event Kitchen Hire

Whatever the requirements of your event we have the ideal solution, We supply a wide range of temporary event kitchens starting from small portable buildings through to large-scale open plan kitchens.

With over 20 years experience in providing temporary kitchen facilities and catering equipment for events throughout the UK.

Event Kitchen Hire

Catering Equipment Rental

We have thousands of kitchen Catering Equipment for both short and long-term rental.

We provide Catering Equipment Rental, and have a variety of units for preparation, refrigeration, ware washing, holding, production, and serving and dining facilities.

All of our Catering Rental Equipment can be installed in marquess, existing buildings or into one of our Temporary Kitchen Units.

All of our equipment is cleaned, tested and inspected to ensure it is complaint with current UK legislation and that you receive it in the best possible condition.

We provide next day delivery on individual items, 24-hour technical support and we can deliver worldwide.

Catering Equipment Rental

Permanent Kitchens

We produce Permanent Kitchens to individual specifications of layout, catering equipment, exterior and finish. This means that we can produce the perfect kitchen for any environment.

Our in-house design team can assist with the design process of producing a Permanent Kitchen that best suits your needs, or the needs of your client.

Our Permanent Kitchens are constructed off-site making the process quicker and more cost effective than traditional routes.

For more information, please visit our website.

Permanent Kitchens

Rapid Response Kitchens

We offer ISO rated Rapid Response Kitchens that can be delivered worldwide. Our Rapid Response Kitchens can provide both temporary and permanent solutions for remote international sites. We make no compromise on the construction of our Rapid Response Kitchens and they are all appropriate for long term requirements.

We offer two types of Rapid Response Kitchens:

Our Rapid Response Kitchens offer a lower cost to containerised solutions. For more information, please visit our website.

Rapid Response Kitchens

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