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PL Machinery today is a leading supplier of plastics ancillary machinery, serving diverse customers in a range of industries including automotive, closure, cosmetic, electrical, food, appliances, medical / pharmaceutical, packaging and recycling to name some. 

We work closely with leading manufacturers to ensure we have the best range of products from the tried and trusted to the innovative and new.  

Whatever your ancillary needs, we have the solution.

  • Rapid - Granulators & Shredders
  • Conair - Dehumidifying dryers, gravimetric blenders, down stream extrusion equipment.
  • Maintech - Material hopper loaders, masterbatch dosers, dehumidifying dryers, material feed systems, material handling. 
  • Crizaf - Belt conveyors, parts & sprue separators, box & bag filling stations.
  • Greenbox - Chillers, coolers, mould temperature coolers.
  • Transitube - Mechanical flexible spiral feeders for powders, flake & regrind.
  • Mesutronic - Metal detectors, metal separators. 

Material Hopper Loaders - Single Phase

ASM Series - Vacuum hopper loaders for conveying plastic granules to processing machines, drying hoppers and dosing units.

  • Single-phase hopper loaders are equipped with a built-in vacuum motor. 
  • Through-put: Up to 200 kg/h of material.
  • Microprocessor control allows easy program loading times and control of the machine.
  • Stainless steel cylindrical body
  • Paper cartridge filter
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Soft start blower (1000W)
  • Inspection door with vent filter
  • Alarm Lamp
Material Hopper Loaders - Single Phase

Material Hopper Loaders - Three Phase

AST Series - 3 phase hopper loaders for conveying granules to processing machines, material hoppers, drying hopper material mixers and blenders.

  • Side channel blowers 0.85kw to 15kw
  • Throughputs: 230kg/h – 3600kg/h
  • Material receivers from 10 litre to 200 litre


Material Hopper Loaders - Three Phase

Material Blenders - Gravimetric


The TrueBlend Series blenders offer processors with large extruders or central blending applications a superior way to blend naturals, regrinds and additives centrally or at the throat of the processing machine.

The blender dispenses up to six materials (depending on model) from respective material compartments into a common weigh chamber.  The control determines the correct weight of each ingredient based on set points entered on the touch screen display.  Up to 50 recipes can be entered and stored in the control.

  • TB45 – Throughput rate – up to 79kg/hr
  • TB100 – Throughput rate – up to 180kg/hr
  • TB250 – Throughput rate – up to 431kg/hr
  • TB250R – Throughput rate – up to 386 kg/hr
  • TB500 – Throughput rate – up to 680kg/hr
  • TB900 – Throughput rate – up to 1588kg/hr
  • TB1800 - Throughput rate – up to 2722kg/hr
Material Blenders - Gravimetric

Vertical Mixers / Fountain Blenders


MV Series:  Floor standing mixers designed for mixing blends of plastic granules such as masterbatch, additives and regrind materials.

Materials are introduced through the bin grid.  From this position the materials are traced continuously (like a fountain) through a central tube and variable pitched auger screw, it then returns to the bottom of the mixer and starts a repeat of the process, guaranteeing efficient and homogenous mixing.

  • MV70 – MV300:  Capacities:  70 to 300 litres (215kg)
  • MV500 – MV16000: Capacities: 500 (350kg) – 16000 litres (11200kg)
  • LMX 70 0 – Capacities: 70dm³ (Mixer for the standardization of plastic with powder pigments)
Vertical Mixers / Fountain Blenders

Material Doser for Masterbatch


LDM Series:  Volumetric dosing units for precise dosing of masterbatch or other additives directly on the throat of the injection moulding machine, extruder or blow moulder.

The LDM’s modular design means that additional stations and a paddle mixer can easily be added to allow for dosing regrind material as well as virgin and masterbatch.

  • Compact modular design
  • Inclined Auger for uniform filling the Auger screw
  • Quick release central body for easy access
  • Simple auger screw extraction
  • Static mixer with mounting base & inspection cover
  • Low voltage (24v - 0.03kw) brushless motor with constant torque gearbox.
  • Feed hopper capacity: 5 or 12 litres
  • LDMO - Micro version for metering micro-granules
  • LDM-HT - Suitable for high temperature applications
  • LDP1 - Suitable for metering powder
  • LDL - Version for metering liquid additives
Material Doser for Masterbatch

Dehumidifying Dryers

DR / DRD Series:  Designed for drying hygroscopic polymers these dehumidifying dryers are equipped with twin desiccant sieve drying towers assuring a continuous and constant process, with an average dew point of -45°C (DR series) and -60°C (DRD series)

  • Insulated stainless steel heating chamber
  • Double insulated stainless steel desiccant beds
  • Motor and heater safety contactors
  • Over-temperature safety thermostat
  • Process air pressure differential switch
  • Return air filter cartridge
  • Electronic process temperature controller
  • Two high head side channel blowers, one for process and one for regeneration (DRD series only)
Dehumidifying Dryers

Desiccant Wheel Dryers


The Carousel Plus Dryers use molecular sieve desiccant that is bonded into a fibreglass substrate and formed into a continuously rotating wheel.  The result is rock steady drying temperatures and dewpoint levels, critical for processing moisture and temperature sensitive material.  These units are capable of delivering nominal throughput rates ranging from 4.5kg to 2268kg / hour.

The core of the Carousel Plus Dryer is the Munters ® unique fluted desiccant rotor, which contains molecular sieve desiccant.  The molecular sieve has been grown into the rotor’s porous fibreglass substrate, preventing the possibility of desiccant break down and dusting over time.  The desiccant rotor revolves slowly at the rate of 12 revolutions per hour passing through three cycles with each revolution.

  • W (15-100)  - Throughput range 4.5kg to 45kg / hour
  • W (150-400)  - Throughput Range 68kg to 181.5kg / hour
  • W (600-5000) - Throughput range 272kg to 2268kg / hour
Desiccant Wheel Dryers

Compressed Air Dryers


These small sized, light weight dryers are easy to handle and can be conveniently mounted onto the throat of your processing machine, saving precious floor space.

SlimLine dryers use a continuous supply of clean, dehumidified compressed air at 100psi (6.9 bar) to dry material.  The standard dryer produces a dewpoint of -18°C which is sufficient for most drying applications.  With the use of an optional membrane, process air can be generated with a dewpoint of -5°C.

Units are capable of delivering nominal throughput rates ranging from 0.11kg to more than 23 kg/hour.

Compressed Air Dryers

Metal Detection & Separation

MESUTRONIC metal detectors and separators are used for the protection of machinery, detection of metal contaminents in products and removal of metal contamination within product mixes and plastic regrind material.

These cost effective metal detectors reduce machine downtime and improve product quality.

METRON SL: Under belt single surface metal detectors are primarily used for the examination of relatively low size products as well as blow-moulded products such as bottles and fuel tanks for vehicles.   The SL model does not require a metal free zone which makes it ideal for installation on existing conveyors.

METRON C/D:  Tunnel detectors can be used at various stages of the production process.  They can detect parts of a broken mould in an IMM, metallic contaminents in roll sheeting and bags of plastic granules.   They monitor your production process and protect machinery such as foil calenders, granulators, and shredders.

QUICKTRON:  Free fall metal separators detect even the finest metallic contaminents and eject them reliably and automatically without interruption to the production process.  They protect moulding machines, extruders and granulators.  Ideal for the monitoring and inspection of granulated material.

P-TRON:  In-line metal separator for installation in pneumatic conveying systems, suitable for vacuum or pressurized systems, continuous or intermittent.  Can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal conveying line.

Metal Detection & Separation

Horizontal Conveyors


  • High Performance Belt – high quality, sturdy, transverse rigidity, non-slip surface, anti-microbe canvas.
  • High Temperature Belt – continuous contact, heat resistance up to 100°C
  • (OPTIONAL VERSION) Modular Plastic Linkage Belt – available in pp (125°C), or pa (165°C)
  • Easy Maintenance – due to modular design, low number of components and self aligning belt tracking system.
  • Horizontal:  500mm / to 7000mm
  • Width:  190mm / to 790mm
  • Belt:  RAL5002 matt blue polyurethane (100°C resistance)
  • Motor / Gear:  direct drive, 3-phase 400VAC / 50Hz, 0.18kw
  • Speed:  3.2m / min
  • Load:  30kg
  • Control:  IP55, thermal overload protected motor starter (on/off), emergency button, five core cable (1.5mm), flame retardant
Horizontal Conveyors

Horizontal to Incline Conveyors


Horizontal and incline conveyors are principally designed to transport light and medium-heavy product from the out-feed of a machine. They provide a transport link between two points or manufacturing processes.


Horizontal to Incline Conveyors

Incline Conveyors


With PVC/PU Endless Belt

  • C1200
  • C1300
  • C1400
  • C1500

With PP/PA Plastic Linkage Belt

  • P2200
  • P2300
  • P2400
  • P2500


Incline Conveyors

Packaging - Carousel Box & Bag Filling Systems


Carousel box filling systems provide automated stocking of product by way of counting.  The carousel can be easily combined with a Crizaf feed conveyor to form an efficient, cost effective box filling system.  A second platform level can be added to double capacity within the same foot print.

Packaging - Carousel Box & Bag Filling Systems

Packaging - Box Filling Systems


These Crizaf box filling systems can be configured to fill a wide range of application needs.  Parts can be filled using a cycle count, robot signal, weigh-scale signal or weigh-scale hopper counter.  Customized versions can be tailored to suit specific application needs.  (Also available – versions with index conveyor, and storage conveyor in parallel)

Packaging - Box Filling Systems

Packaging - Multi Level Box Filling / Storage Systems


Multi level box filling systems are an excellent way to reduce production costs and provide long term cost saving benefits.  By providing extended periods of unattended box filling, these systems can greatly extend production hours without the need for additional labour.

Packaging - Multi Level Box Filling / Storage Systems

Bulk Material Handling


ZFP SERIES: Anti-bridging unit has a flat bottomed hopper specially adapted for bad flowing, low density materials, such as regrind film or sheet (flakes), filler, CaCo3, plastified PVC.  The evacuation duct of the anti-bridging unit provides variable and adjustable dosing according to the required application.  Connected to a flexible spiral feeder PV type, the product is then transferred to the final point.  The low design and dimensions of the ZFP800 makes this model ideal for use in conjunction with a big bag unloading frame.

PC/PS SERIES: Flexible spiral feeders can be used to convey any type of raw material such as granules, powder, regrind, flake or mixed bulk materials.  Throughputs: 30 – 5000+kg/hr.

Bulk Material Handling


100, 150 & 200 SERIES


100 Series, 150 Series and 200 Series are ideally suited to recycling waste and rejects for injection moulding machines with clamping forces up to approximately 250 tonnes.  Features that help customize these granulators are robot feeding, conveyor transport and auger feed.


Granulators - Open Hearted

300 & 400 SERIES


Open hearted granulators are an ideal choice for recycling plastic waste from blow moulding applications.  These machines can deal with waste and rejects of all sizes, ranging from small containers, tops and tails to mid size containers and tanks.  Models can be configured for either central or beside the press operation.

A number of infeed systems and hopper alternatives tailor the various models for other applications, such as profile extrusions, injection moulded products, skeletal waste and edge trimmings. 



Granulators - Open Hearted

Granulators - Large

500 & 600 SERIES


500 & 600 Series large size Rapid granulators are used for central or beside the press operation in all types of plastic applications.  Typical waste includes all types of large volume granulation, large products like moulded items, profiles, pipes and sheets.


The Rapid Open Hearted concept provides within a few steps total access to the heart of the machine supporting rapid cleaning, maintenance and "visibly clean inspection".  Clear visual access to the core machine parts allows inspection and approval of the machine before it resumes operation, preventing potential contamination at colour and material changes.


  • Rapid 500 Series comes in three widths: 600, 900 and 1200mm
  • Rapid 600 Series comes in three widths: 900, 1200 and 1500mm 




Granulators - Large

Temperature Control Units

Temperature Control Unitswith reversible pumps, precise temperature control, circuit completely free from ferrous materials.

  • Water units for temperatures up to 140°C
  • Oil units for temperatures 150°C - 350°C
Temperature Control Units

Chillers - Air Cooled

Air cooled chillers: suitable for indoor and outdoor installation

  • Cooling capacities from 11kw to 880kw
Chillers - Air Cooled

Chillers - Water Cooled

Water cooled chillers: suitable for indoor installation

  • Cooling capacities from 3.3kw to 704kw
Chillers - Water Cooled

Free Coolers

Free-coolers: modular air/water heat exchangers for industrial cooling

  • Cooling capacities from 44kw to 1400kw
Free Coolers

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