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Planet 4 Networks is a market leader in fully integrated Mobile Data products and application designs for individuals, commercial, and government agencies. Based in the United Kingdom Planet 4 Networks was established in the year 2000 as a part of The Planet Group.

Planet 4 Networks has a large selection of DVRs, In-Car Computers, In-dash Vehicle Touch Monitors, Rugged Vehicle Printers, and other vehicle mobile products. However, our main focuses in the business are Licence Plate Recognition systems for both mobile and static use.

Continually introducing innovative features into their LPR / ANPR Automatic Licence Plate Recognition systems for vehicles and static installations, Planet 4 Networks has attracted the attention of customers in the UK and internationally. The company provides users with the most effective solutions on the market for applications ranging from Highway Traffic monitoring, Law enforcement, Boarder control using RFID, and under-vehicle inspections, but also gated communities, toll booths, harbours and parking lots.

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LPR ANPR Cameras

Here we have a large selection of LPR ANPR cameras which can be added to your existing system or can be added to some of LPR ANPR computers, these can be used for various purposes.

If you are not sure which camera suits your needs please email us with your project requirements and we will give you a complete quotation including installation, if you require it.

We can install anywhere in the world, for highway and Parking Lot. For further information please email us at

Mobile Vehicle LPR ANPR Complete Systems

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is no longer the preserve of the police and high security sites, but is now available to any small or medium size business with a need to monitor and control vehicle movements. Our portable vehicle mounted, fully automated system captures vehicle number plate, analyses the data looking for wanted vehicles from e.g. finance repossessions data and then sends an alarm when an offender is detected.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Image Capture systems are designed to read vehicle licence plates day and night, in the most demanding conditions. We provide image capture systems which can be supplied with a range of different internal camera and IR illumination options offering unmatched flexibility - suitable for any ANPR / LPR application including mobile, fixed and long range ANPR.

Motorised MDT Computer

Price: £1,250.00/$1,912.50 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%)

This MDT is a monitor and MDT Computer in one unit minimising the time for installation.

Military specification splash proof MDT pc computer P4N-N32

P4N N32 series onboard computer, aiming at various kinds of special industries, through the special design on structure, P4N N32 can meet the requirements of national military standards on dustproof, splash proof and anti-vibration performance; through the enhanced heat dispersing design, it may provide strong performance under various bad environment. In addition, P4N N32 has strong extension ability, which can be connected with a variety of devices, to meet the application needs of many industries.

P4NN1 MDT Computer Embeded System With Built In GPS Receiver and Mobile GPS

Price: £428.00/$654.84 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%)

Adopting embedded hardware platform and embedded operating system, With GPS navigation, anti-theft system, wireless network, mobile storage, VOIP, immediate communication, onboard telephone, multimedia entertainment, and visible reverse parking sensor, creating a perfect onboard multimedia infotainment platform for users.

In Dash Touch Screen Monitors

These in dash touch sceen monitor is a very simple fitting and is a standard 1 Din size to fit most 1 din and double din to fit 80% of modern vehicles. Will take 12volts from standard cars or 24 Volts form larger vehicles.

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Mobile Printers Label and a A4 Rugged

industrial strength mobile printer which is very strong and will run continuously in all conditions without problems.
It has been used for many years in fire fighting vehicles, Oil Rigs Railroad locomotives folk lift trucks and commercial jet aircraft. The 812 has both USB and parallel interfaces and can connect directly to either 12 volt or 24 volt vehicle power systems.
The price on this product is subject to the exchange rate so please call to get the best price.
The 812 is e-marked and meets the stringent EMC requirements of the Automotive Conformance Specification, Issue 10 issued by the Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO) in the UK

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