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KALIBURN, innovators in the field of mechanised plasma cutting with leading product names such as ProLine, Spirit, Dagger and Inova, were the first company to offer high definition plasma cutting at both 200 and 400 amperages and have the widest range of high definition plasma systems available of any major plasma manufacturer today. With the latest in inverter technology KALIBURN now have available the Dagger100, a high duty cycle 100 amp single gas plasma system suitable for both plasma cutting and plasma marking.

High Definition Plasma - ProLine

The range of ProLine high definition plasma systems from KALIBURN offers low cost high definition plasma systems available in three different amperage models of 150, 200 and 275amps for mild steel cutting. With a manual gas console, and available with the Kaliburn Inova arc voltage torch height control installed, the ProLine high definition plasma system range offers excellent value without compromising on cut quality.


High Definition Plasma - Spirit

The range of Spirit high definition plasma systems from Kaliburn offers all the advantages of high definition cut quality as with the manual ProLine range but with a fully automatic gas console that sets all cutting parameters. The range of Spirit high definition plasma systems offer the options of 150, 200, 275 and 400 amperage models. Amongst the advantages of this high definition plasma system is that it totally removes the need for tedious cutting charts and the ability, when used with Ultrasharp hole cutting technology, to provide superior results for plasma hole cutting.

Plasma Hole Cutting Technology

Ultrasharp is new plasma hole cutting technology from Kaliburn that dramatically improves plasma hole cutting and profile edge cutting using the Spirit high definition plasma system and Inova arc voltage torch height control combination alongside the Burny control and SigmaNEST HDX software.

The process is simple: Nest parts using SigmaNEST with HDX technology, load the program into a Burny controller with Advanced Command Messaging, and cut it on a table that has been equipped with a Kaliburn Spirit high definition plasma system and INOVA arc voltage torch height controls.

SigmaNEST HDX processes the parts specifically for high definition plasma cutting. It assigns special lead-ins and lead-outs to each part to eliminate divots in small holes. It adjusts gas pressures, plasma amperage and height controls while it generates the cutting program and automatically calibrates the NC toolpath to achieve a balance between pierce holds, feedrates and advance-off movements, resulting in cylindrical, taper-free holes.

After SigmaNEST has completed a program, the data is sent to a Burny controller that has Advanced Command Messaging (ACM) capabilities. The Burny plasma controller distributes the cutting data contained within the SigmaNEST program by decoding the information and sending it through the proper channels. As plasma cutting takes place, cutting conditions are continually changing to ensure that every angle and arc are cut with optimal precision.

When the Burny controller distributes cutting data, it is received by the KALIBURN Spirit high definition plasma cutting system with INOVA arc voltage torch height control. The KALIBURN Spirit is a powerful high definition plasma systemy that produces very consistent cut quality on all sides of the arc. Its superior torch design creates a more focused flame which eliminates the possibility of unwanted taper.

By combining SigmaNEST HDX with the Burny ACM-enabled controller and the KALIBURN Spirit, fabricators can achieve phenomenal UltraSharp hole quality, even at a 1:1 ratio!

Plasma Marking

The new Kaliburn Dagger100™ is a versatile 100amp, inverter based system which has been engineered for both mechanised cutting and marking applications making it a more versatile system than a basic stand alone plasma cutter or plasma marker.

Plasma cutting and plasma marking can be switched in the part program automatically by the controller or manually at the plasma. Patent pending starting circuit dramatically improves consumable life over competitive products.

It is also a very cost effective plasma system as it utilizes just a single gas (air) torch, capable of cutting up to 32mm mild steel.

Plasma Cutting Torch Coolant & Spares

Plasmaflow, is a blended mixture of propylene glycol and de-ionized water suitable for all water cooled plasma cutting systems and comes in 5 litre containers. Plasmaflow contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect the copper in torches and so can also be used with many other water cooled applications.

Deionised filter cartridges available are both a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain coolant in the required state for your plasma system

Oxygen compatible lubricant for plasma torch o-rings is biologically inert, non-toxic, non-flammable and has no fire or flash point which results in it being the safest lubricant for use in oxygen plasma cutting applications.

Plasma Cutting Torches & Plasma Consumables

As the international sales office for KALIBURN we carry the largest stocks of genuine KALIBURN plasma torches and plasma consumables and spare parts in the UK to ensure a prompt and efficient customer service.

Whilst, with over 20 years experience in the plasma cutting industry, we now also have available a wide range of alternative plasma consumables suitable for other leading manufactures including Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, SAF, Esab and many others.

Plasma High Definition Cutting Torch

Either upgrade a conventional plasma cutting system to high definition cutting or simply replace a damaged plasma cutting torch with a PHD plasma cutting torch and then never have to purchase a replacement torch body again with the Torch for Life programme!!

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Up to 20% decrease in consumable costs
  • Faster travel speeds on HPR models and up to 40% on other models
  • Longer lasting consumables
  • Improved Cut Quality with NEW gas flow design
  • Stronger piercing capability
  • Decreased spatter build up at time of pierce
  • Cleaner profile
  • Decreased bottom spatter and an improved bevel
  • Significantly improved performance on 20mm and thicker materials

Manual Air Plasma Cutting Systems

Our range of low cost, manual air plasma systems offer a wide choice of amperages from the small, portable, 25amp system with its own built in compressor, to a powerful 100amp unit . All our manual air plasma systems are CE approved and come complete with torch, spares kit, earth clamp, primary cable and are supported with up to 2 years warranty.

Plasma Cutting Glasses

Plasma cutting is an electrical arc and therefore emits intense visible and invisible (ultra violet and infrared) radiation.

Plasmasafe protective glasses, are available in either a full spectacle or as a clip-on/flip-up format with a shade 8 lenses as recommended for plasma cutting up to 300 amps and meeting the standard ANSI Z87.1-2003,

For aluminium welding and gas flux brazing Plasmasafe glasses are also available with a shade 5 Cobalt blue lens. 

Gasfluxer Brazing

Tests carried out on a wide variety of jobs have shown that the gas fluxer process reduces brazing times by an average of 40%. Brazed joints are so good that paint can normally be applied without any need for further preparation. Brazed joints are strong, smooth, non-porous and free from glassy flux residues so there are no rejects!

The Model 'W' Gas Fluxer is a British manufactured unit with a tank capacity of 5 litres whilst we also supply and support the Autofluxer M.3 by Protechno.

Superior Liquid Gas Flux is always available in 5 litre containers

Blue Safety Glasses

Plasmasafe Cobalt Blue safety glasses are the perfect solution when gasflux brazing by assisting operators to see the green flame produced with the gas flux more easily and also show when excess acetylene is being used.

Plasmasafe Cobalt Blue are also suitable for aluminium welding.


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