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Plaspro and Company Ltd are suppliers of a large range of plastic substrates for the printing and packaging industries.

Plaspro have specialised in the supply of polypropylene for packaging, stationary and promotion markets for many years, and have maintained a large supply of material from UK stock as well as mill makes bespoke to customers needs.

Plaspro have successfully launched a range of NEW products for the fast growing digital print market. These materials have been specially developed to aid digital printing on large format, HP Indigo and Dry Toner presses.

Polypropylene Supplier

Plaspro supply the world of visual communications with a large choice of materials developed to improve the quality of applications such as roll up banners, point of sale graphics, and other large format graphics (indoor and outdoor). You are sure to find the material you need within our range. Other applications include stationary, printing and packaging. 

Plaspro provide the packaging, printing and stationary markets with a wide range of rigid polypropylene for a variety of applications such as presentation folders, menus, and box making among others. The range includes:

PRINT-EX - A range of traditional polypropylene substrates available in a range of thicknesses and sheet sizes including bespoke to your requirements.

PRIME-EX - Primed polypropylene to ensure the best quality when UV offset printing. Includes gloss emboss, and materials for the horticultural market.

ART-EX - Coloured polypropylene available with a range of emboss, thickness and sheet size.

Plaspro have specialised in the supply of polypropylene since 2000 and have developed a close relationship with their production facility in Switzerland, ensuring the best delivery and quality for you and your project.

Now available - Rigid PP on rolls!

Polypropylene Supplier

Polypropylene Signage

Plaspro supply a range of unique materials developed for the visual communications market, also known as EXP Vision.

These materials are designed to be printed on large format, UV ink-jet flat bed printers, and have been coated on one or two sides to improve ink adhesion, water and scratch resistance, providing you with high quality, durable printed applications.


FLAG: A soft, flexible, totally opaque material suitable for indoor banners and flags. This material is the ecological alternative to vinyl.


BACK-LIT: The PP molecular structure offers a superior light diffusion, along with the smoothest possible print surface, allowing sharp and high resolution images on expo-lighting systems and illuminating posters.


 BANNER (White): This scratch resistant media is ideal for roll up banners and displays that need frequent folding and moving due to its durable qualities. For single sided printing.


BANNER (Opaque): A combination of  white / black / white layers makes this material a complete barrier to light, it can therefore be printed on both sides making it the perfect material for banners and advertisements that can be seen on both sides.


 SIGN: A universal media for signage, useful in any type of large format projects.


PROTECT: The excellent contact clarity makes this material the perfect Protection screen for advertising displays in sales points, on counters indoor and outdoor. It is UV-stabilised and withstand greases.

Polypropylene Signage

Recycled Polypropylene

Plaspro supply 100% Recycled Polypropylene

Plaspro's production facility in Switzerland work closely with a range of companies to establish a virtuous circle and reduce material waste. The companies store scrap material and send it back to the factory where it is then recycled and made into a new polypropylene product. The quality level exclusively depends on the environmental awareness of the customer and its operations.

Don't Forget! Polypropylene is a polyolefin with a lower carbon footprint! 

Recycled Polypropylene

Digital Printing

Plaspro supply a selection of plastic media optimised for digital printing on HP Indigo, dry-toner, laser, solvent and wide format presses. This range includes a variety of durable substrates specially coated to provide excellent ink anchorage and print density.

Choose from a large selection of materials such as polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl, canvas and many more! This allows us to cater to a whole world of applications from menus, to back-lit signs and pull up banners.

These substrates open the door to such a huge variety of applications, so let us know your requirements... 

Digital Printing

Wide Format Printing

Plaspro supply a wide choice of materials for the demanding world of large format digital printing.

This range includes materials such as photo papers, canvas, polypropylene, PVC, and many more!


WINDOW GRAPHICS: There are a variety of semi permanent widow graphics available including a clear and white glossy cling material for indoor and outdoor use. All provide a superb print quality for those important graphics for shops and other projects.


BANNERS: Plaspro supply a selection of materials that are suitable for banner displays and similar advertising campaigns. This range is split into indoor and outdoor materials so that the material you choose will withstand the weather conditions it needs to.


For a full list of materials and their applications in this range, please contact us or visit our web site.

Wide Format Printing

Flexible Polypropylene

A Coextruded Cast Polypropylene is a film with excellent heat-sealing and perforating characteristics. It is an ideal material for making bags, magazine over-wraps, clothing packaging and multi layer laminates.

Our CPP is transparent but custom colours can be made. A range of sizes and embosses available.

A Coextruded film made of Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), Thermosealable, and with high corona treatment. Can come metalised for a more effective oxygen and moisture barrier, suitable for food contact.

Flexible Polypropylene

PVC Sheet

Plaspro can supply PVC in a range of different thicknesses and sizes to suit your requirements.

PVC is available to be printed on for attractive box making or point of sale graphics, other applications include printed cards and food containers. PVC is commonly used for Vacuum forming and thermo forming.

Call us for more details.

PVC Sheet


Plaspro supply HIPs (High Impact Polystyrene) with improved heat resistance and good flow properties.

Manufacturing is carried out under strict quality controls - from purchasing of the granules to delivery of the product. What’s more, high-performance computer technology constantly ensures that product attributes remain at a consistently high level. To the benefit of customers and ecology.



Plaspro supply APET and RPET to suit your requirements.

APET offers excellent barrier properties, High Clarity and is food contact approved.

Perfect for box making, stationary and Loyalty/Membership cards.

Call us for more details

Self Adhesive Labels

Plaspro supply a comprehensive range of self adhesive labels for a variety of applications. Created to allow full image bleed to give a clean final appearance without contaminating labels adjacent to it. Suitable for both conventional and digital printing including multiple process capability - eg. print fixed information by offset litho and add the variable information digitally. Many materials are also ink jet printable.

Over 100 label sizes and shapes are available.

Over 40 high quality base materials, plus various adhesive options available including permanent, removable, deep freeze and anti-bacterial.

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