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PLAST-CONTROL was formed in 1979 and launched its first product the Gravimetric Extrusion control system later that year. Since then we have grown with continuous development of products and new product launches approx. every two years.

Our innovative and class leading system and sensor hardware technologies are used extensively in the blown film extrusion and continuous sheet and profile extrusion industries worldwide.

Were always striving to deliver market relevant products which reduce operational costs and raw material consumption and have excellent service and low operational costs.

PLAST-CONTROL UK has represented PLAST-CONTROL GmbH in the UK since 1990 and provides technical consultation services, UK based installation, commissioning, service and after sales support as well as holding comprehensive stocks of spares parts and consumables for the complete product range.

Extrusion Control

The loss in weight measurement principle has been one of PLAST-CONTROLS core products for over 30 years. This proven principle of regulating extruder output and accurate measurement of Line speed allows accurate measurement and control of mono and co-extrusion applications.

The principle of control offers maximum yield from the extruder controlling Gram per running metre in addition to accurate control of layer ratio in the case of extrusion control with a low maintenance weighing hopper system with comparative loss in weight measurement for high accuracy monitoring of the extruder output.

Robust construction and intelligent control software offer high performance control with an easy to use control interface for the operator, and with all PLAST-CONTROL systems it can be fully integrated with our other products.

Extrusion Control

Process Control

Refurbishment of the extrusion line often necessitates replacement of machine drives and temperature control equipment. The Navigator Machine control system is a customisable control interface for upgrades to existing or new equipment using a common structure of data links, I/O control and graphical interface replacing the need for physical push buttons. With control function on single or multiple Touch Screen Control units.

The Navigator machine control system can be tailored to suit all types of extrusion processes, using a modular design. A common layout can be used for individual machine setups irrespective of the original machine supplier, simplifying training for operators and reducing set-up mistakes.

All machine drives and actuators can be manipulated via positive touch screen regulation with single or double touch screen control for larger processes.

Gravimetric Dosing and Metering systems.

Using our loss in weight measurement principle and precision dosing units for metering of secondary materials and additives uses reduces material consumption and wasted material during order change and machine shut down and start-up procedures.

The dosing unit system is designed to work in combination with our extrusion control system with secondary material metering at pre-set percentage rates. The ratio of the main material and the dosing unit are held constant by continuous measurement of each material feed.

Material feed rates are kept at constant percentages rates irrespective of extruder throughput and changes in production speed.

With no need for mechanical mixers, the material is metered accurately and continuously for accurate and repeatable product properties with no risk of material separation.

The dosing unit speed is regulated by high resolution stepper drive technology with no loss in speed control accuracy across the rev range of the dosing unit.

The dosing system can be supplied in either Main + 4 dosing or main + 6 dosing.

Gravimetric Dosing and Metering systems.

Batch Blender Technology

Our Batch Blender systems can be supplied in 2 through to 6 component configuration. With two variants available, PRO-BATCH and NANO Batch.

Both types of blender have a compact footprint and have been designed specifically for mounting directly on the extruder throat.

Pro-Batch utilises two weighing chambers effectively doubling the throughput capacity of the blender with minimal increase in size. With the NANO batch using a single weighing chamber for smaller output applications.

Both utalise variable metering valve technology with automatic adjustment of both the metering valve volume and batch size dependent on target set-points and extruder output.

Pro-Batch and Nano also use vertical mixing technology which guarantees the best possible homogenous mix and is designed for easy cleaning with tool-less strip down and quick removal and installation of the weighing and mixing chambers.

Both units are available with optional built in Gravimetric extrusion control for both mono and synchronised co-extrusion control applications.

Batch Blender Technology

Vacuum Conveying - free flowing plastic granules

We have a complete range of hopper loading units and ballast hoppers to suit all plastic granule feed processes. With various sizes to suit output and material density. Constructed in Stainless Steel and Aluminium the loaders are a modular design which require minimal maintenance and can be adapted to suit installation requirements.

Our engineers can design an individual system or a full plant wide application which incorporates intelligent design in order to minimise dust, reduce required vacuum capacity and minimise material change over times.

Air Ring Cooling Systems - Blown Film

Air Ring Cooling Systems Type K400R, K750R,C400U, C750U, C1400U and C 2000U

Advanced design of air cooling rings for blown film applications use the PLAST-CONTROL Magicflow lip design for high efficiency cooling rates with stable profile variations and reduced basic tolerances for all types of Blown Film Processes.

Profile Control Systems - Blown and Sheet Film

Our profile control software has been an important product for us since its initial launch in 1989. Utilising our on-line profile measurement technology, the control accurately maps the film profile tolerances back to its originating point automatically correcting physical position change due to rotation and shrinkage of the film during the production process. Using sophisticated algorithms the profile control application has the ability to regulate several types of actuator in order to regulate the profile variations in the process to a minimum.

The system displays show the original reference profile and the resulting controlled profiles and a graph of the position or power output of the regulator. Profile trend of maximum deviation can also be recorded for the complete order length in addition to frequency analyser indicating the influences on the complete profile tolerance graph.

Profile Measurement - Blown, cast and sheet film

Capacitive based high resolution on-line profile measurement systems for blown film applications, uses an inert type of sensor which can be handled without the need of special safety and end of life disposal considerations.

Calibration Baskets - Blown Film

The calibration cage is possibly one of the most overlooked items in regard to the influence on film quality and profile tolerances.

The PLAST-CONTROL PRO-CAGE range of cages offers an innovative design with a rigid construction and precision control of the cage position over its operational range.

We offer two types of cage the M series with high precision double pivot self-centring contact rollers, and the L range with single pivot operation. Both devices offer a choice of roller surfaces for different applications.

The cage is supported on a steel frame which also act as the chassis for the lifting mechanism which can supplied in different heights.

Off-Line profile measurement - Plastics Films

The PRO-LAB II system off-line film gauge measurement scanner is now available in the UK. The latest version of the system measures real thickness measurement variations according to recognised norms of DIN 533370 and ISO 4593 and ASTM-D 6988-08.

Internal Bubble Cooling - Blown Film

Being a fundamental part of most blown film processes the IBC control system not only regulates air exchange within the Blown Film tube but has a direct effect of bubble stability High speed accurate measurement regulation keeps lay-flat width constant and reduces start-up time/order change time.

This is achieved by using ultra high speed proximity sensors fitted around the circumference of the Blown Film Tube, our high speed analogue data collection calculates bubble diameter several times a second. This data is used to establish diameter or bubble position change so the correct control regulation takes place either by our STV (Stepper Throttle Valve) or analogue output for air feed fan control.

Width/Bubble diameter control - Blown Film

Available in sizes to suit all types of Blown film processes, the width scanning system uses high resolution infrared sensor driven by encoded stepper motors to detect and calculate accurate finished width of the blown film layflat tube.

Mounted after the nip roll system the width scanner measures the finished width with no chance of material shrinkage affecting the width so that accurate regulation of the width can take place.

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