Plastic Facilities Ltd


Plastic fabrications is Plastic Facilites core area of work. Plastic Facilites have experienced plastic fabricators on hand to carry out all your repairs and modifications on site, even at short notice.

Fume Extraction

For the Chemical, Water and Printed Circuit industries we offer a vast range of services such as Chemical tanks, Sinks, Trays, Pressure Pipework and all plumbing requirements, Fume extraction including Ducting, Fans, Fume scrubbers, Hoods and Lip extracts. We will also do all calculations on the extraction you require and design the correct system for your application.

Processing Tanks

For the Photographic industry we can supply Processing Tanks, Sinks, Trays and a wide range of other products to your needs.

We can also offer a wide range of products to the Food industry such as Feed hoppers, Holding tanks, Trays and many other items in Food safe Polypropylene to conform to tough Health & Safety regulations.

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