Plasticon UK Ltd

Plasticon UK Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Plastic tanks, silos, storage vessels and associated GRP ductwork. We produce a range of standard products and specialise in the design and build of bespoke products for all market sectors.

We engineer corrosion resistant GRP and dual laminate products providing vessels for the handling of critical fluid and gases for the food, beverage, chemical, water & waste water, power generation and other industries.

Plasticon UK is part of Plasticon Composites Group, a world leader in corrosive resistant solutions for industries worldwide and provides advise and guidance through design, engineering, project management, transport and maintenance.

Material Properties

In comparison to metal or rubber lined steel products, glassfibre reinforced plastic products (GRP) have many advantages. GRP is light-weight, very strong and can be produced in a wide range of diameters, extending product life and reducing cost.

GRP is resistant to high / low temperatures and abrasion and chemical corrosion.

Production Process

GRP materials consist of polyester resin and fibreglass. The resin hardens the product and makesit resistant to chemicals, the weather and marine conditions. We use a range of different resins including:

- Orthophthalic

- Isophthalic

- Vinyl ester

The inside of the tanks and silos are smooth and seamless, giving excellent flow characteristics and making them easy to clean

Food, Beverage & Feed Sectors

GRP silos and tanks are extremely well suited for storage of all kinds of foods & feeds including:

Liquids: Water, soy sauce, starch, brine, oil and fats.

Solids: Flour, salt, sugar, corn, cocoa and gluten.

Feed: Grains, cereals, soy products, wheat, molasses, oil, salt and minerals

Chemical Processing

Plasticon UK has developed a wide range of products for the chemical industry including:

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Chlorine industry

- Fertiliser Plants

- Petrochemical Industry

We provide solutions for the storage and treatment of chemicals such as:

- Hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and fatty acids.

- Sodium and Calcium hydroxide. Sodium chloride, aluminium chloride, ferric chloride.

- Sodium sulphate and sodium bicarbonate

Plasticon UK Ltd Overview