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At Plastics For You, we are a company founded in 2010. Although new on the market, we have many years of experience allowing us to provide first-rate customer service.

We have experience in cutting, machining, bending, gluing, polishing and processing of all types of acrylic. Plastics For You are specialist plastic fabricators.

Acrylic Display

Our plastic manufacturing services include:

  • Acrylic Domes

  • Acrylic Fabrication and Forming

  • Boat Windows and Hatches

  • CNC Routing

  • Design / Conceptual Design

  • Vacuum Forming

Acrylic Display

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Our product range includes:

  • Acrylic Perspex Domes

  • Acrylic Sheet - Cut to size

  • Cable Systems

  • Poster Holders

  • Leaflet Holders

  • Point of Sale

  • Sign, Print & Menu Holders

  • Slatwall System

  • Sweet Displays

  • And more...

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Acrylic Fabrication

In addition to the standard range of POS items we now also offer acrylic domes from 75mm to 1000mm in diameter in clear , tints and colours Our fabrication facilities are complimented with 'in-house',

   We are pleased to announce the opening of our Online shop and invite you to browse our extensive range of items including A3-A5 information stands, leaflet holders, footwear displays, trays, boxes and much more.


   Specialist Services

       Design / Conceptual Design

       Acrylic Fabrication

       Laser Cutting and Engraving

       CNC Routing

       U.V. Bonding

       Diamond Polishing

       Screen Printing and Vinyling

       Foil Wrapping and Foil Blocking

       Die Cutting and Roller Cutting

       Product Manufacture

       Stock Management and Storage


     Vacuum Forming

Who we are?

We’re Plastics For You. Our team. Your team. Your business partner.   TELL: 01621853621


We’ve been around for a while, working in the demanding beauty, cosmetic and retail sectors and increasing our reach into the world of sport, fashion and the arts. Our team are experts in the high end print business and are now established as the forerunners in creative solutions delivering visual solutions through 3D visualisation, CAD and product design with our new Plastics For You Creative Studio.

How we work?

Professional. Honest. Constructive.



Acrylic Fabrication

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