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Plastil UK Ltd offers three different ranges of plastic fencing. Their ranges include:

  • Standard fencing
  • Bespoke fencing
  • Executive fencing

The reinforcement used in the construction of their plastic fencing differs between ranges. Their bespoke and executive fencing are made to measure and have some models available in a golden oak foil finish. They have gates available for all their plastic fencing ranges.

PVC Plastic Gates

Plastil UK Ltd manufactures three different ranges of PVC plastic gates. Their standard range includes a variety of gates that can be fitted in gaps between 775mm and 2085mm.

Their bespoke PVC plastic gates are made to meet individual customer requirements. They are available in white and a golden oak foil finish. All of their bespoke PVC plastic gates come complete with hinges, handles, latches and a secure key lock.

Plastil UK Ltd's executive range of PVC plastic gates are manufactured from PVC and have fully integrated aluminium frames. These PVC plastic gates are available in a golden oak finish and have no visible screws or moulded extrusion sections.

PVC Plastic Gates


Plastil UK Ltd has a comprehensive selection of shutters. Their shutters are suitable for various applications and are available at an extremely competitive rate.

Their shutters are designed to be extremely durable, rigid but light in weight. Their shutters are the perfect solution to your storage needs.


Compo Wood Decking

Plastil UK Ltd offers compo wood decking that is the idea substitute for traditional wood decking. Comp wood decking does not split, rot or splinter and is anti-slip. It requires no painting, staining or oiling and is installed just like wood decking.

Their compo wood decking is available in three colours:

  • Coral
  • Teak
  • And Antique Teak.
Compo Wood Decking

Shutter Door Systems

Platil UK Ltd manufactures shutter door systems for cabinets. They have been supplying their shutter door systems to the industry for numerous years.

They offer a wide range of profiles and various tracking options are available for their shutter door systems.

Shutter Door Systems

Tambour Doors

Plastil UK Ltd has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of tambour doors. Their tambour doors are available in side and vertical opening options.

Their tambour doors are perfect for wooden and metal cabinet applications.

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