Plasto-Sac U K Ltd.

PE Film for Lamination Industry - Breathable Films - Film for Automatic Packaging - Plasto-Mesh® - Plasto-Mesh® Film On Roll - Shrink Films for packages Bags - Plasto-Lid - low thickness tolerance Lamination films - VFFS - Vertical Form Fill & Seal - PSP1 - Paper Match Heavy-Duty Bags - Heavy Duty Bags - Pallets Covers - Shrink and Stretch Solutions - Pet Food - High Barrier - Security Envelope - "Envelock" ® - Safety Coins bags - Courier Envelope - "R" Series® - Protective Release Film - Inclusion Bags - ELASTOBAGS ® - Low Melt Point bags

The Plasto-Sac group specializes in the manufacture of packaging and film for a variety of fields and offers a wide range of creative packaging solutions for customers on the international market.

Plasto-Sac's Product Catalog includes a wide variety of products for various applications.

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