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At Plastor we specialise in supplying a comprehensive range of plastic boxes / containers, storage equipment and materials handling products to companies big and small, across all industries.

Our large range of plastic boxes are available in all sizes and are suitable for all types of applications. Our huge range of plastic boxes consists of food grade containers, stacking and nesting containers (saving valuable storage space), containers with wheels, extra large distribution boxes, storage boxes with and without lids, boxes with hand holes for easy transporting, clear / transparent containers, ventilated containers, anti-static containers (ideal for electrical parts and engineering components) and much more.

Plastic Mobile Container Trolley

We offer a very large range of plastic mobile container trolleys / plastic containers with wheels (castors).

  • Available in most colours
  • Food grade (except recycled range)
  • Large capacity 100 gallon container available
  • With and without lids
  • High quality build, industrial standards.
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for liquids 

Plastic mobiles are commonly found in hospitals, hotels and other hospitality areas for transporting sheets, garments and laundry items. They're also commonly used in food preparation areas, warehouses, pharmaceutical/medical industry and factories.

Plastor also has a large range of bar trucks and bottle trolleys. You will commonly find plastic trucks in bars, restaurants, pubs and kitchens. They're ideal for collecting waste items, empty glass / plastic bottles, rubbish, recycling and waste food. All our plastic mobile trucks are easy to clean and lighter colours are good for identifying dirt and stains.

Better for the environment! Recycled Mobile Trucks and Trolleys are made from recycled plastic, discounted in price, heavy duty but are not food grade (not suitable for direct contact with food). The recycled truck range is only available in black.

Plastic Storage Crates

Plastor has a huge range of plastic storage crates ideal for storing and archiving. Plastic Storage Crates are commonly found in commercial and domestic buildings to store and protect items securely. They are better than cardboard boxes because they are stronger and resist moisture from penetrating, damaging and polluting contents. Plastic crates are also food grade and can store food ingredients with direct contact. Our plastic storage crates are built to withstand industrial environments with their heavy duty construction.

Plastic Storage Boxes

The plastic storage boxes available in our stock are built to last and will satisfy all your storage requirements. Ideal for logistics, catering, warehouse, office, and domestic and industrial use, our plastic storage boxes are built from heavy duty materials.

We also include the following in our range:

  • Picking Containers
  • Pallet Boxes
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Storage Trunks

Attached Lid Containers

Plastor offers one of the largest ranges of attached lid containers in the UK. Attached lid containers are plastic heavy duty containers which have (teeth like) lids on hinges. They can stack when full and empty and nest inside each other when empty, saving valuable storage space. 

Attached lid containers are commonly used for office and domestic moves, by the police and fire service for storing and archiving, returnable trips for indoor and outdoor event setup such as festivals and exhibitions. We also supply extra large containers with attached lids, used regularly by the removal industry.

Euro Stacking Container

Euro (European Standard Size) stacking containers are strong, heavy duty plastic boxes which stack securely on each other. An advantage of Euro stacking containers is that they can stack evenly on to 'full euro' and 'half euro' pallets.

These stackable boxes are available with or without lids, as cases with hinged lids and latches, in various colours (but generally grey), with hand holes, folding/collapsible, anti-static (electro-conductive – ideal for electronic components) and with ventilated/perforated sides and bases as well as solid. Insert dividers are also available to separate contents. Most of Plastor's containers can be supplied with a dolly / skate for easy transporting.

Non Euro Stacking

Within our non Euro stacking collection of containers we supply various purpose built container products including:

  • Bread trays and bakery baskets
  • Harvest crates
  • Plastic fish boxes
  • Vented grocery (vegetable and fruit) trays
  • Confectionery trays
  • Plate boxes

Our non Euro stacking containers are usually built with ventilation holes to help keep the produce stored inside fresh by letting air in to circulate.

Really Useful Boxes

Plastor offers a huge range of Really Useful Boxes. Really Useful Boxes are generally clear / transparent storage containers. They are available in a huge range of sizes for all sorts of applications. They are food grade, have handles which secure lids in place and can be stacked.

You may commonly see Really Useful Boxes in schools, kitchens, offices, at home, warehouse, garages and market stalls. Reptile owners also find Really Useful Boxes ideal for transporting snakes and lizards.

Linbins and Picking Containers

Linbins and Picking Containers are plastic storage bins that are ideal for storing and picking small parts and components. They have open fronts and many can be wall hung on louvre panels and trolleys.

Small parts cabinets are also available with wheels and with drawer/tray compartments.

Picking containers are ideal for engineers, manufacturing, production areas, garages, warehouses and workshops.

Food Handling Containers

Plastor's range includes a huge choice of food handling containers, plastic tubs, ingredient dispensers and food grade trucks all of which meet top food industry standards.

Airtight buckets are also available, as well as plastic troughs, tanks, clear containers, confectionery trays, plastic bread baskets for bakery products, vegetables and groceries.

All food grade products can be supplied with a certificate of conformity.

Pallet Boxes / Bulk Containers

Pallet Boxes are extra large (jumbo sized), heavy duty, robust plastic bulk containers with pallet feet.  They are available with skids/runners, feet only or with wheels/castors. All versions can be moved with forklift or pallet truck. Pallet Boxes with feet and skids can be stacked, even with optional lids in place. Versions with runners are compatible with pallet racking.

Pallet Boxes are available with ventilated sides to keep produce fresh, such as food, fruit and vegetables. They are suitable for outside and indoor use.

Some Pallet Boxes are collapsible or have drop down doors for easy access.

Warehouse and Workplace Furniture

Plastor isn't just a leading supplier of plastic containers and storage boxes. Plastor also supplies a large range of low cost, high quality workplace furniture and storage systems such as workbenches, workstations, work desks, hazardous substance storage cabinets, PPE cabinets, first aid cabinets, racking and shelving.

Our range of workplace furniture is ideal for stock rooms, warehouse, shops, showroom, workshops, offices, factory, garages, productions sites, store rooms and much more

Materials Handling Equipment

Storage and materials handling equipment is essential to most work places. Plastor offers a large range of materials handling products for all your storage and handling requirements.

Here is a list of some of the products Plastor has to offer in this range; dollies / skates for containers, crates and boxes, warehouse steps, access steps and platform steps, flatbed trolleys, platform trucks, sack trucks, chair handling trolleys, drum, keg, cylinder trucks and cages, tray racks, utility trolleys, lift tables, pallet trucks, grit bins, salt bins and much more.

Plastor Ltd

Plastor Limited was established in 1992 and is one of the leading Plastic Container and Storage Equipment suppliers in the UK. Plastor's customers are extremely varied and from all sectors, such as large & small companies, public sector (schools, colleges, universities, emergency services), plus many domestic customers.

Plastor offers:

  • Lowest prices
  • Fast delivery  (next day on many products)
  • Huge range of high quality products
  • Held stock
  • Onsite showroom (choose your products and pick up instore)
  • Special offers and discounted products.
  • Expert advice
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