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We can provide quality thermoforming services and all our products meet ISO standards ensuring the quality and traceability from beginning to finish. Our thermoforming services use various materials including APET, RPET, PVC, HIPS, and FLOCK.

Our products include:

  • Blister packs
  • Edge bent blister slide packs
  • Clam packs
  • Box trays
  • Component trays
  • Point of sale trays
  • Display trays
  • Shelf liners
  • Protective covers

With our thermoforming service there is no minimum order and we can design and produce bespoke tooling to fit your product at a cost that will suit.

Contract Packing

We can provide all your contract packing requirements. We offer a wide range of packaging services from blister sealing to hand assembly.

Our contract packing also includes the storing of the products once they have been packaged and the distribution. We can design and deliver packaging specifically for your products.

Blister Sealing

Blister sealing or blister packing involves packaging sealed to the front of a cardboard backing card. We also have trapped blister heat sealing packaging sealed between two layers of cardboard.

Our blister sealing has a maximum size of 429mm x 380mm. There is no minimum order quantity and we have the capacity for up to 100,000 per day.


We can provide your shrinkwrapping solutions and our service is ideal for point of sales purposes in PVC material or for transit purposes in polythene material.

Our shrinkwrapping service is available for sizing up to 3 metres long and there is no minimum quantity.

Stock Reclamation

We can offer a stock reclamation service that involves the reworking, repacking of stock converting old product lines into new barcode labelling.

Our stock reclamation service includes price labelling and over labelling of new or existing old stock.

Clam Packs

Clam packs are typically used in the retail industry for display purposes as they generally allow a higher degree of product visibility. It is an ideal way of displaying your product easily and practically.

Our clam packs are hand filled and sealed with spot welds if you require.

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