Plug-In Vacuum Technology UK Ltd

PLUG IN offer any type of standard flanges (ISO KF, K, F or CF and specials) having any type of connector sealed in using any sealing technology (epoxy resin, glass to metal or ceramic to metal), applicable to almost all types of electrical connections (connectors, wires, optic fibres ...) for any type of application (vacuum, pressure, gases, liquids...).

Core business remaining the hermetic feedthroughs, PLUG IN also offer different products and services included into vacuum field applications.

  • design and manufacturing of chambers
  • supply of vacuum components ( flanges, gaskets, clamps, bellows...)
  • valves (ISO KF and bigger)
  • diffusion and cryogenic pumps
  • engineering of custom connectors
  • manufacturing of special harnesses i.e. space simulators

PLUG IN answer any technical request, from earth to space users, Scientific Labs to Space Companies with the support of a 2D/3D CAD up-to-date system and world wide network.

Vacuum Components:
3 vacuum component stocks located throughout Europe, offering you outstanding service at the fairest price for all standard vacuum parts, ISO K, ISO F, K and CF

Vacuum Pumps:
Every vacuum pump, primary to secondary pumps.

Vacuum Valves:
Large range of vacuum valves covering high vacuum and the UHV applications

Vacuum Chambers:
Systems that fit your requirements. Extensive machine shops of our partner, ARGON, equipped with the latest CNC machining centre manned by a skilled staff of machinists and welders.

For very large vacuum chambers or vacuum systems, PLUG IN work in partnership with AMOS,specialised in design and manufacturing of high accuracy mechanical and optical systems.

Plug-In Vacuum Technology UK Ltd Overview