PM IT Systems

The PM Warehouse Systems allow for real time tracking of pallets from the initial manufacturing of the goods through to delivery.

Raw material delivered on pallets can be tracked from a receipt, or using RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), into the warehouse, all the way through to WIP and also to delivery if required for traceability requirements.



The applications have been developed in Microsoft .Net Framework with an SQL server database.

Maximum efficiency and ease of operation is achieved using current technology:

Barcoding and RFID Tracking
GTIN compliant labelling
Full goods traceability at all levels
Real time data capture from PDAs and RFID readers over wireless connection
Interface with weighing scales
Internet remote access and input to central data
Seamlessly integrate with standard financial systems such as Pegasus Opera and Sage


The system is modular to allow flexibility for a user to select the applications specific to their requirements and their budget.

Typically just the stock and goods-in applications may be used to solve a problem with the time taken to get goods into stock and the control of stock quantities in a small warehouse.

Conversely, the problem may be to control many thousands of movements over multiple warehouse sites with full traceability and pallet tracking.

The systems can be readily customised to provide user specific terms for applications and data input fields.



The PMIT E-commerce solutions are designed to operate within the DotNetNuke frame work, the most widely adopted open source framework for website content management and web application development on Microsoft ASP.NET.

The basic framework allows modules to be ‘plugged’ into the framework which provides quick development of feature rich sites. Sites are ‘skinned’ to a client’s requirements to establish an individual corporate identity.

If a ‘plug in’ module cannot be found that satisfies a requirement, then the particular requirement can be written from scratch. PMIT E-commerce trading sites use the aspdotnet storefront which is one of the most feature rich and stable storefronts available on the DotNetNuke platform. Aspdotnet storefront is used by over 10,000 companies both end users and system developers.

General Features

Provides complete web site solution including shopping cart, content and customer management.
Fully Integrated with DotNetNuke platform
Designed For Max Capacity - For Stores up to 250,000 Products
Up to 5,000 Content/HTML (topic) pages
Dynamic data driven pages via XmlPackages
*Source code option available (either C# or VB.NET)
Database Schema Included
Worldwide Installation Locales Supported
Up to 2000 Categories, Departments or Manufacturers
Categories and Departments can be fully nested to any level desired (e.g. sub-categories, sub-departments)
Supports cross-matrix of products by category and department. (e.g. a product can be mapped to the shoe category, in the women's department)

Product Category Features

Products can be mapped to more than one category or department
Paged browsing for categories and sections: Keeps page size small and optimizes user experience.
Category, Department, and Manufacturer "names" can be renamed (e.g. "Brochures", "Products", "Car Parts", whatever you need that is appropriate for your unique store site products).
Disable buy buttons for specific products
Supports Wholesale Only Sites (Prices not shown to general site customers). 


Additional Features

Many different Payment Methods Supported
Payment Gateways Supported
Supports SSL Encryption for secure ordering. Cart automatically switches into secure mode appropriately. Supports any brand SSL certificate
Customers can review & rate products (if enabled).
Once installed, all operational store tasks can be performed via easy to use control panel (e.g. no need to know databases, etc.)
Multi Lingual store site can support dynamic run-time language switching. Customer can select store language at run-time. Store administrator controls allowed languages.
Search Engine – every page can have its own custom search engine
Many shipping features
Wide variety of Transaction Features.




PM IT Systems provide accounting solutions tailored to your business with both initial training, and on-going support.


Pegasus Opera II

With over 30,000 users, Opera II is fast becoming the accounting and finance system of choice for SMEs in the UK.

The reason is simple – Opera II delivers a real competitive edge. A giant leap forward in the functionality and development of accounting software, this unique accounting system meets more business requirements than any other, helping customers to manage their businesses to their full potential.

PM Associates have over 25 years experience working with the Pegasus range of accounting solutions, from Pegasus Senior through Opera and now Opera II.

We are both a Pegasus Premier Partner and a Pegasus Development Partner.

Opera II is a modular and flexible system that you can adapt to meet your business needs.


Opera II Financials

Opera II Financials give you the integrated tools to fully control your business and processes, and to help drive it forward. With instant access to up to the minute financial data, you can efficiently track and analyse key information, improve productivity and make informed strategic decisions. Included within Opera II Financials are:




Advanced Nominal

Multi Currency




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