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We hold one of the largest and most varied stocks of harnessing products in Europe. This range incorporates standard heat shrink tubing through to high performance FDA approved medical grade tubings, expandable braided sleevings, identification products, cable repair systems, heat shrinkable molded parts and cable glands, solder sleeve and crimp devices, as well as a comprehensive range of medium wall and heavy wall tubings and end caps.

Heat Shrink Tubing

We supply tubings in a range of compounds and shrink ratios, designed for insulation, bundling, protection, strain relief, identification, chemical and abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, encapsulation, and for aesthetic purposes.

Medical Grade Heatshrink Tubing

Specialist tubings, in a variety of grades, primarily used for insulation and strain relief of electro-surgical devices and associated instruments. These products are FDA and ISO10993 approved, and compatible with all standard sterilisation techniques.

Braided Sleeving

We offer expandable braided sleevings, in a variety of grades, for bundling, mechanical protection and thermal insulation or wire and cables.

Heat shrinkable identification sleeves

Heat shrinkable and cold applied identification sleeves for pre and post termination of wire and cables. These products are available in a variety of grades and formats, and can be supplied printed or unprinted.

Moulded shapes

PMG stock a range of moulded shapes, in a variety of materials, designed for use in specialist markets. These are available in straight and right-angle profiles, along with a variety of other shapes and modifications.

Cable management and application tools

PMG offer a wide range of associated cable management and application tools such as:

• Spiral binding
• Cable ties
• Tubing Kits
• Interconnect Devices
• Lugs
• Silicone Sleeving
• Neoprene Sleeving
• Metal Braid
• Heat Guns and Braiding Tools

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